Squiggle and a Beautiful Mind.

Sometimes when you write in your journal you can write in contemplation or determination. A large part of reflective thoughts. Reflection was a large part of Nursing considerations. I found myself writing reflectively the other night! Stuff that for a game of soldiers! In retirement? Subtle change has now happened. No longer looking over the shoulder to try and work out what went right or wrong.

The generic fountain pen I call Squiggle is heavy in the hand. To wield Squiggle creates sentences of both serious and lighthearted thinking. It’s very presence in the hand leads to an admiration to how it performs. And with it’s very fine nib nature it can be controlled to produce very small sized lettering. I tend to write smaller when writing with journal intentions. So Squiggle has adopted a history of writing down subjects of a more private and serious nature. Many reflective sentences produced by Squiggle.

Please tap on the photographs to enlarge.

Writing down thoughts (‘Thougt’ here in the photographs) not in my journal but simply to test out a few pens, I found myself writing a couple of lines with ‘Squiggle use’ reflection upon my choice of going for the Triple A (abdominal aortic aneurism) scan. How choice to definitely go and attend the appointment changed future psychology. This time positive. Choice of such considerations can turn into an ‘almost essay’ in actuality. I then went back to feeling that reflection was a particular hardship at times. Acceptance is much nicer. So I mucked about with lighter thoughts and stopped reflecting.

I call it being in possession of your ‘beautiful mind’. No longer judging life. But accepting it for what it offers.

Everyone can pull up their beautiful mind. To believe one is always inherent, does actually exist for real and that it brings vibrancy to one’s life is a wonderful realisation. A beautiful mind? It’s either there for the taking. Or deep down there somewhere in the body’s depths. It could be that it has been anchor dragged downwards to your ocean floor. That anchor can be pulled up. Just takes some seeking and then some strength to pull it back into existence. Some determination. Then, once found, head out to the sea, start a different journey and rub your hands together because adventures await.

Wave bye bye to that swirling part of your life where you witnessed a cloud that hovers over the lonely reflective and repetitive claustrophobic. The every day familiar rowing boat visit from your ship in it’s harbour to that beach which has now been left behind. Forget the scattered beach of flotsam and jetsam. Forget the harbour of limbo. Turn. Look to a new horizon. Look at the swell of the ocean. Look at the bright skies and it’s shifting patterns of cloud formations. Look at the stars. Look at family. Look at friends. Anyone or anything that gives hope, positivity and support. Look for everything and any one thing that gives true and realistic hope. That way. It will make you more confident. Help you feel a little stronger. Then stronger still as each day by day passes by into ongoing days feeling yourself living a wonderful and gentler existence.

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