Revisiting November 2020 ambition.

Photograph by Gray Summers. Now? Got to go find that journal! Where did I put it?

Way back in November 2020 intentions developed from earlier thoughts and considerations regarding podcasts. In that November 2020 the penny dropped. The theme all gelled from reflecting upon the holistic health impact and isolated/restricted lifestyle the World’s population experienced through the ‘virus’. Our own little World corner, here in the immediate locality, of rural and small town nature was possibly impacted in different ways to maybe larger cities, different cultures and the varieties of family and social design. Or was it? Was the World experience pretty much in tandem? Unified in it’s impact.

Now? A brand new and posh iPad with appropriate recording and ‘editing’ Apps, a small solar energy set up for keeping and elongating outdoor power needs for longevity in electrical/battery items, an ambience of settings considered, the VeeDub behaving itself more. All this in place. My microphone, however, has to be changed or port adapted….if I can find an adapter that will work! That is an easy task in relation to the totality in place already in achieving podcast reality. All in all, reflecting on this 2020 post below has been very thought provoking.

Hit the link below and the VeeDub Bus will take you there. ‘And so the story goes. To where? No one knows…………

4 thoughts on “Revisiting November 2020 ambition.”

    1. Cheers Danny. I suppose some aims are, in reality, a slow process when so much is going on alongside them. A vibrant, ongoing blog ambition, as you yourself know, can take up time, thoughts for new material and energy. Like your own with discovering facts and experiences using your love of fountain pens. This alongside your work/job status too. Over the last month I’ve been helping out with my wife’s new Wholefood premises. It has been really nice meeting lots of old acquaintances from the past over the last week since the new shop opened. I’ve been painting the back rooms to the shop. So, with everything else in life being experienced like garden and home improvements, the podcast idea has been a long road trodden really. Met a few people too over the last few weeks who are keen to be involved in chatting. All the best and thank you.

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      1. I’ve been meaning to comment on the new shop. The temps here took a nose dive. I processed most of my basil before the cold turned the leaves yellow. Tomatoes are all turning now and the peppers are hold their own. The flowers are done for the season.

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  1. Weather has been very strange all round Worldwide. It could be a fair few blog considerations to write about in it’s complexities. This year’s heat records were short. I remember isolated historical years of heat here in the UK, but much longer periods causing huge drought issues. The recent downpours of rain are usual here in Wales. But it’s the timings of types of weather arriving over here. Floods, gales, etc. Weather changes? Impacting crops Worldwide is very much on my wife’s radar. Crop failures can affect foods she sells. Prices and supply issues. And sometimes disastrous for the community growers. Fair trade is a priority in very many choices. Local sellers to the shop too. Interesting stuff. Glad you got the basil sorted. Those tomatoes with basil additions in recipes are a marriage made in heaven. Cheers.


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