Protection from the Sea which Drowns.

Considering the most favourite photograph from the Pentax LX SLR camera, film and darkroom combination? It is probably this one. 

In it’s simplicity is has an ability to bring about thought processes in both developing the scenario involved in the imagery. And the complexities of getting it right when producing this image in the darkroom. The high black and white contrast on a filter system housed in the enlarger. Removal of dust spots with photographer paint on the print before scanning. I no longer own the original print. I do have the negative which can be scanned with a scanner for film negatives attached to the laptop. My old Epsom scanner doesn’t work anymore with Windows updated. 

Technology is a pain to be honest. New doesn’t match older versions and no adapters to be found. Or downloads to suit new connections. Platforms like Sonic Stage for Walkman’s don’t work. App considerations change but do not allow updates with low iOS unable to take on board. 

That’s why I love vintage. It may fail. But it gives you a fighting chance to put it right. 

The photograph’s title is:

 ‘Protection from the Sea which Drowns’. 

My local town is a seaside town with a University. New students arriving to their new found placements could sometimes get into dangerous situations in the water. Drowning has been known. Taking the photograph in the dark at around 11.00 at night I had that eerie feeling of true contentment. I was listening to rhythmic constant wave tumble on to the pebble shingle. It produces a haunting and relaxing sound. Lulling the senses it is often found on relaxation CD’s to help sleep and insomnia. I also thought of the temptations that the sea proffers. The darkness. The quiet surroundings. Titles to photographs, as I have mentioned in previous blogs, help to remember scenarios.

This photograph also makes a great desktop image for clarity to access the choices of tiled windows. 

Here are Two more photographs. One from the same night with slow shutter speed. The other one is intentional movement of the camera to create motion blur. The chaos of the smashing waves was added to with my moving the camera to create an echo of the uncontrollable nature presented. I was trying to be all arty-ness……..

Tap on the photographs to enlarge.

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