Drawn by Gray Summers. Imagery by J. Hullah Brown in ‘Sketching Without a Master’.

It is interesting that what you think is simplicity is actually not that simple at all. Perspective in chosen angles, compass map reading and, for myself, logically thinking through the alien concept of mathematics. 

It has been a wonderful distraction with naively drawing as a small intervention within a relaxation time window. Where a drawn line begins and where it ends in length is easier than the decision as to which direction it takes. To begin with. Start and end slightly north, south, east or west on the paper. Then the conundrums start. Suddenly one line becomes dance play amongst other lines. When freehand drawing the Mallet here in the images? The handle came out as not actually belonging to the part that came out of the top of the mallet head. Too far north positionally. A ruler used in alignment presentation? Solved the oddity somewhat. Don’t want or expect ‘exact’. Just don’t want disarray.

Draw, freehand, a simple bicycle or chair. Not so simple at all. I remember working alongside a colleague when teacher training. In a ‘mini lesson’ she taught us how to draw by building the total picture intention from parts of the full image contained in isolated squares. A master grid. We all came away from that small exercise grinning. We were suddenly Van Gogh. 

So. My world is becoming one of lines and grids. Maps, graph paper, dot journals, lined paper.  

It’s a nice feeling though. The need for discipline to produce outcomes that actually look and feel right. There is freedom too in those lines. They seem to be there to contain and guide. Not suffocate invention. The top of the wooden dresser here has those ‘lines’. Nature presents in certain inherent line ways too. Grain and strata for example.

Upon starting intentions to find peace again by walking in the countryside I purchased a decent compass. Vital for not getting lost. A paper ordnance survey map grid, correctly analysed, expands into the reality of beginning a journey with purpose. Provides preparation for the experience of a new confidence when walking amongst complications of wild nature in the countryside. The basis of good preparation resulting in the feeling of emotional contentment. A master grid for drawing allows a decent result where a chair presents as a chair. Not a badly produced DIY attempt. 

Perspective definitions. 

The art of representing three-dimensional objects on a two-dimensional surface so as to give the right impression of their height, width, depth and position in relation to each other.


Psychological perspective. Different angles in what the mind does and why we respond or act how we do. Biologically, psychodynamically, behaviourally, cognitively and humanistically.

This morning I ate a few Brazil nuts. I eat Brazil nuts all year round alongside other types. This morning a flash of Childhood Christmas Time came into my mind on the taste of the second Brazil. Why? Well. Brazil nuts as a child represented a Christmas Time treat. Your brain flicks and flutters between very many perspective areas. Perspective of Brazil nuts are usually practical. Enjoy the taste whilst still understanding that they are energy dense with many positives. Healthy fats, cholesterol reducing properties, vitamin E, many B vitamins like thiamine. Also selenium, magnesium, phosphorous, copper, manganese, zinc content. With contra-indicated side effects too if eaten in excess. Benefits of this little wonder food outweigh the bad stuff if eaten in moderation. There are the ‘perspective lines’ equivalent explained. Their grid position in the plethora of food types. They are also the taste transport into past Christmases. Depends on which perspective you take.

Perspective is not only simple controlled rules of imagery, direction and content. Perspective can take you on a mind trip……..anywhere. 

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9 thoughts on “Perspective.”

  1. I too associate Brazil nuts with Christmas. Sure take all the enjoyment out of a Brazil nut by listing the health benefits. Drawing with boxes is a revelation for many. I took a mechanical drafting class. Boxes were the basis of all drafts plus a distant point of infinity.

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    1. You have experienced quite a lot artistically it seems. It’s good to explore your creative side. Creativity in art is such a calming pastime. Health benefits have been drummed into me with health practitioner training. Once a nurse! Always a nurse. Health promotion is a book choice essential requirement, not a suggestion, from word go in training. It’s literally art that allows me to escape it all. You would definitely understand, because of your experiences and interests, regarding that perspective. Christmas this year should be a blog inspiration artistically with fountain pen drawing and scribbling. May pick up the guitar too and find myself writing my first ever Christmas song. Or, thinking about that one….maybe not! Cheers Danny and all the best.

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      1. The high school I attended required all students to enroll in a series of votech classes : drafting, wood working, metal working, home economics, sewing, & cooking. Electives, I gravitated to the arts and sciences. As my daughter and sister are nurses I understand once a nurse always a nurse. I will look forward to your Christmas inspirations.

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      2. Oh! School? Grammar School attendee, which had a dearth of all subjects in the arts. Woodworking and metalworking were strict projects of teacher choice. Art was more freedom inspired. They focused on the sciences mainly.

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      3. At the time I thought “how dumb.” My children when in school did not have these options. I feel they missed out on subjects that have ultimately busted confidence. Music class was great. I had hippies as teachers.

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      4. Music was all things classical. The only music outside of this was a couple of classmates bringing in their guitars once in a while and playing Simon and Garfunkel songs. At 16 I got my first 2nd hand guitar and started writing songs straight away. So I suppose school doesn’t inspire. It’s what is inherent and waiting to bloom. My two children, now mid 30’s had a fantastic secondary education and could express artistically very much of their choosing. Both are confident in self expression. Nursing? I found it could be quite regimental at times. It felt very claustrophobic at times too to be honest. It’s nice to have the garden, the home and retirement. Cheers.

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      5. Music or choir was mandatory for my entire time in school. Music and art was taught by hippies. Choir taught by this old bittie but she was pretty cool. I can recall her rewarding us by playing the Black Sabbath paranoid album.

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      6. Sounds perfect. Eclectic. Liked early Deep Purple more. But the first Sabbath album was played by my mates. In truth, I listened to so many different music genres at that time. Love of music for music’s sake I suppose. Cheers.

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