Christmas soon. Writing takes on more of a reflective angle.

Christmas. A time for a season of wonderful dynamics. Choosing the topics to write about can find strange pathways. Hunkering down in a world of festive warmth. Images and words come into your life that provide both World realities and Home escapism. World current news to be worried and alarmed about and pondered over. A home to envisage smaller scenarios. Home involving various rooms with their individual ambience and limiting four walls providing security. A blessing not all can possess. A juxtaposition of enormous proportions.

Ending November with a visit to my Coventry home town, my daughter and her family’s Worcester town and then travel North to stay in a beautiful converted barn in Yorkshire. My wife and myself reaching 40 years married (Ruby Wedding Anniversary) at end of November. 48 years together in total. Coming back from the Yorkshire break, December will have already started.

Also started will be the annual pilgrimage of reading Charles Dickens ‘A Christmas Carol’ at beginning of December every year. It sets the mood for nostalgia, but also, how to remain inherently thoughtful when involving others. Writing? It goes where it goes. Influences drop out of anywhere and everywhere. A few ‘scribble’ sentences to a paragraph or two of off loading, reflection, insightful self seeking, artistic expression.

As a blog writer and journal writer I have mostly shied away from the writing views of current news out there. Covid was the exception because I was a concerned nurse. Social media can be a fraught affair and can bring much disharmony. Responses to bright and earnest posts that I have read on Twitter, Facebook, etc. can leave one aghast. The vitriol is alarming and dangerous. Also. What on Earth is this ‘Influencer’ scenario? If someone simply writes a blog regarding their love of some hobby, new found findings, etc. then their inclusions spur myself into searching likewise. Their own excited interest or explanatory imparted knowledge base is enough. No channeling ambitions involved. I wouldn’t dream of asking (or telling!) anybody to ‘Go read Charles Dickens because it will make you a better philanthropist’. Writing is a beautiful gifted treasure to yourself to allow warmth and self empathy. It also allows you exchanging empathy for others. Because if you feel calm in the words’ conclusions, then you extend that calmness when amongst others too.

I suppose Christmas will be a few written meanderings in reality. No genius akin to Dicken’s masterpiece. I may dream, make and ask for a wish to write even the smallest of scenario with insightfulness like that. Even a paragraph or two. But it is now too late. It is soon December and the gift provider known as Santy is busy in preparation. My own Santa Claus list of dreams and wishes is already written, wax sealed and attached with a One Penny stamp and is sent and now winging it’s way on the back of a pine forest winter faerie on the long journey to the North Pole.

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