Myst and Thoughts of Flight.

Myst and Thoughts of Flight.

Took this photograph an absolute age ago now. I remember standing in the lane opposite my house and being bit by midges. Hence the photograph title. The camera, a SLR Pentax LX, was loaded with Black and White 400 asa Ilford HP5 Plus. Love the grain in this particular film choice and have used it 90% of the time since beginning photography. Using a tripod because of long exposure requirements, I stood waiting for the shutter to close a few times whilst being bitten. I chose a few shutter speeds and one f-stop. I wasn’t sure of the light requirement so went with gut instinct and crossed fingers. Never use flash at all. So all my night photography requires higher asa film considerations and a steady hand, handy surface like a table top or tripod. The dunes at night in full moonlight is a worthy trip for ethereal light on swaths of dune grass. A carpet of pure delight and mystery.

The Flickr response is thousands upon thousands of views after uploading it 3 times. One of my fave prints. One of my least fave experiences taking it.

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