Vintage writing additions found. Two silver plated pen supports.

Having seen these pen rests/supports before when looking for fountain pens on various selling adverts, it was nice to see these two in a charity shop display case. Price? £8 for the two. So £4 each was ideal. Sellers sometimes house their ‘pens for sale’ on these for display purposes. I tried to identify a little history about age but have found little on the internet so far. They are few and far between and seeking both information and visual images finds very little. I think they are silver plated by the tarnishing seen.

They are both useful and aesthetically very pleasing. Love the horizontal bar shape. Quite weighty too. They will also be ideal for when writing Christmas cards or letter writing. Resting the pen safely, whilst you seal envelopes having written a few pages or a handmade card, is going to be welcomed. Over the next few days, whilst on this mini wedding anniversary break, it will involve a trip to the City of York. I looked on the internet. There is a fountain pen and ink specialist shop there. So intentions are to visit and pick up a few nice additions.

The Waterman Expert 2 ‘Dune’ pen here in the photographs is the Ruby Wedding Anniversary present from my wife a few days ago. It does need some specialist Waterman cartridges and could also be benefited by having a piston ink converter option. The piston ink converter gives more choice re: bottled inks. Colour choices and also specific ink wetness to give perfect flow when writing. The shop does seem to have a nice selection of bottled inks and cartridges too.

So. Nice addition to the writing experience here in those pen supports/rests. Visits to Yorkshire always throw a few nice surprises this way.

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