The Very Problematic VeeDub ‘Camper Van’.

Looking at the VeeDub here? You’d think butter wouldn’t melt in her fresh air inlets. She hasn’t got a mouth. If she had? She could tell me what the problem is!

The VeeDub Bus (Camper Van) has had a real downer this past year and a half since my retirement from Staff Nurse role. The engine stutters, splutters, cuts out and generally has been running as rough as rough. I’ve thrown a fair bit of money at it recently too. It’s been up/down problematic since first day of ownership in 2009. The first week of owning her I threw £600 at her to fix immediate issues having arisen. The parts bought, over the many years, are ones where I imagine that problem solving is going to be answered by buying ‘This, That or the Other’. In fact, This, That, the Other are any one of a fair few dozen upon dozen plus parts that have not solved anything one jot at times. Recent ‘This’ is needed parts which are, with belief and crossing of fingers, related to the engine not running properly. Resulting in ‘’Well ! ‘That’ hasn’t worked has it. Followed by ‘What ‘Other’ part is needed then?’ So, so frustrating to be honest.

This morning I started her up as I usually do every day. And as every day for weeks upon weeks now, after a short while, she splutters to a halt. The strange thing is that there are days when she is okay. Always niggles inherent. But can go along in top gears working beautifully. Then the good behaviour simply goes AWOL. I feel there is one of those wartime gremlins kicking around inside her machinations. A little mouse gremlin with sharp claws and teeth acting like a pair of cutting pliers or holding a syringe full of air and injecting bubble embolisms into the fuel system. Well maybe. Who knows? I’ll believe anything at this stage. Even a Spielberg gremlin. Grinning maniacally like in the movie and creating havoc.

I can’t take her out confidently presently because I fear breaking down. Over the years there have been many issues and they have been rectified somewhat. But in general terms there has never been an elongated period of trouble free experiences. 

I feel reluctance in selling her. But I feel at present that it may be a good idea to do so. 2023 may have to be a different skew on life’s importances. I can’t keep looking at the VeeDub from the house with the knowledge that a journey will end up with her being problematic. The VeeDub always used to be my daily transport to work. If I am honest! Days of poor performance were evident even then. I have some deep thinking to do regarding this now. Maybe it is winter vehicle blues when you have a vehicle that is loved but is failing badly. Blues presence linked to the inability to just jump in, start her up and jiggle along without fearing the engine cutting out. 

I may put this on hold for a few weeks and ignore the fact that she exists. It sounds stupid. But this situation has been playing and toying with my mindset for a fair while now. I may give myself a week of really thinking things out again. Try analysing again, get motivated again and end up trying to tackle the issues. Who knows?

4 thoughts on “The Very Problematic VeeDub ‘Camper Van’.”

    1. The VeeDub is just testing the nerves at the moment. Body is sound. It’s the engine not behaving. Cutting out and running really badly. Been going in for ages now. Just bought some replacement bearings to see if oil pressure is problematic. It’s a process of elimination. And it’s got to a point where you just get really frustrated because you’ve replaced so many parts. Parts that you think will be the solution. A ‘take a breather’ break now and then start over and fingers crossed onwards and upwards in 2023. It’s been a decent fountain pen 2022 year and not a VeeDub or iPad decent microphone 2022 year! Cheers Danny.

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      1. Cheers Danny. I went down the fuel rabbit hole a fair few years back. Looked at loads of information from sites I registered to when I first bought the Dub. Valve seats of nickel, additives in use of decent petrol, octane boosters, lead bunging up valves, etc. All my early bay buddy members I read don’t use a lead additive. I think VW as a company built there engines to cope with lead free. I reckon the new vegetable based ethanol additives haven’t helped and I feel the Solex carburettor needs a damn fine clean up because of it depositing it’s rubbish into the system. The fuel pipes can get compromised too. Old vehicles haven’t got the advantage of new thinking and run on a finely tuned balance of considerations. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it mind set. I will discuss your lead considerations with my VeeDub guru friend who is the guy who renovated the bus. You’re right in bringing this bit of advice. It’s been discussed on the various forums for years. All the best. 👍

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