The Dip Nib trials.

G W Hughes Commercial 355.
Used with Encre (ink) Sennelier Sanguine 270

Choosing to find favourite Dip Nibs over the next few weeks. As previous blog states, it would be nice to find a few more well behaved and then adopted and cherished ‘Go To’ nibs in addition to the few I know are little wonders.

This G W Hughes Commercial 355 dip nib was not a great performer. Initially used the eye dropper to drop a very small amount into the curved shaped reservoir, turned over to start writing and ink simply dropped. Direct bottle dipping therefore the better option. Wrote one word and the ink depth faded. The dry end of supply produced faint double tram line effect. Be nice in a considered art piece. But the Rotring and Pelikan Graphos draughtsman pen choices are far better options. Usually the ink choice of Encre Sennelier in Sanguine is a great performer. Last year’s Christmas vibe of Red and Green choices? It was used often and therefore a conspicuous contributor to many Christmas journal thoughts. This ink loved the few found fave nibs (more of those visited later), it had bravado exhibitionist presence, and in amongst it’s companion colours of winter green and rustic walnuts and browns… showed a character of full pomp and glory. It was Santa robe colour to a ‘T’. This G W Hughes nib and the Sanguine are not about to marry and live happily ever after.

The nib’s performance meant writing a synopsis with the more fluid Waterman Expert #1 fountain pen. If I hadn’t? I’d still be sitting writing it out until Christmas Eve!

7 thoughts on “The Dip Nib trials.”

    1. Yes it is. Using Sennelier and Dr Ph Martin’s Bombay ink too. I believe they are artists’ ink and shellac included. Quite a while back I looked up the benefits and sheen was one of them. Using some Rotring art ink at the moment too. Loads of the nibs tried yesterday were pretty scratchy and difficult to write with. But have found a decent half dozen to add to the fave few. Will write something out properly with them today. Next on the agenda is testing some italic (finer nibs) and dedicated for drawing dip nibs. Cheers.

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      1. I was searching an online art supply store for India and China inks, a selection of Sennelier India and shellac inks caught my attention. I was considering a variety pack (Cobalt Blue, Walnut, Sepia, Sennelier Indian Ink). As I was not familiar I was hesitant. Scratchy nibs are such the disappointment. Generally speaking the Esterbrook nibs hold up well. All the best

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      2. Cheers Danny. The rustics of Sennelier are really amazing. The deep rich Sanguine and the Black too. The sheen is very nice. The Bombay ink does settle on the bottom of the bottle and I stir it back in with cut barbecue skewers. I have about 40 of each Brandauer Clan Glengarry and Esterbrook Relief nibs which are fantastic. Both have longevity with one dip into the ink. There are a few more now after trying out yesterday too. I’m going to try fountain pen inks with these. See how they perform. I try the shellac inks out on their intentional ‘artist use’ by using a sketchbook option alongside normal writing paper. All the best.

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      1. When an inquisitive mind is in the brain’s agenda it means their is a lot to keep in there. I’ve noticed you have a very inquisitive mind. Glorious thing to have too. All the different art and various hobby subjects to delve into and more mechanical technical subjects alongside too. Nirvana. 😊

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