Routine checking to keep pens flowing. Akin to looking after your own well being.

There is a nice routine that keeps the fountain pens’ ink flowing. Simply write the list of the names and inks once a week. It could be called a Mindful exercise I suppose. Routine checking each pen? It could be akin to checking your own body well being. Lying down or sitting comfortably and quietly is pretty well served with a Mindful exercise of ‘head to toe’. As a nurse there was a routine body scanning of head to toe which was an agenda that assisted me in checking poorly patients. A consultant and a nurse in post surgery theatre taught me the exercise. Alongside guided algorithms found, read and adopted in research literature. 

The Self Mindful exercise is not as deep. No where near actually. But it does enlighten current self status. There are many clues in today’s abilities to access information on the internet. Mindful body scanning helps you relax certainly. But also tells you where something doesn’t feel quite right. You can Google Mindfulness body scanning. Oh! Interestingly. If I Google search and see a bunch of advert promotions? Exit! Promotion is not advice. Good sources are the professional sites. Jon Kabat-Zinn, who runs many Mindfulness clinics is definitely a worthwhile source. If you tap below on the ‘YouTube’ red arrow and then once started, the wording bottom right it will then take you directly to the original YouTube source. More insightful and expansive than watching it here.

A pen’s simple writing status analysis can tell you something is not quite right (or write). The extent of what is wrong? Dodgy nib, leaking ink, poor filling capabilities, wrong inherent ink choices, an old internal rubber sac ink chamber, broken levers, etc. This checking to allow the pen to work proficiently determines ‘Is it for the repair or renovation process intervention?’. Or simply needs something a little different to provide better performance. Tweaked nib tines, different paper companionship to enhance synergy through outside influences, compatible ink choice, etc. A simple tweak allowing the ‘no longer tattered and tired’ and raring to go again. Fighting against the odds on a daily basis is tiresome. If something is found out from a thought out problem solving simplicity? It allows better performance. 

This simple pen writing list and checking exercise is akin to our own body. Ignoring the signs brings the possibility of a full blown alarm bell setting off and a realisation that it would have been wiser to check from time to time that your own ink flow was tip top. Or the best way it could be for your own body status after a lifetime of living and experiencing the life you have lived. 

Now to choose which pen is perfect for Christmas card and message sendings.

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2 thoughts on “Routine checking to keep pens flowing. Akin to looking after your own well being.”

  1. Gray, I started reading this 4 times (sorry I get distracted easily) I am happy to say it was worth the wait. Now that I had the time to commit, I found it most interesting. I never click a Google search that is flagged as an advertisement or sponsor, etc. I wish I could say I am as diligent as you with assessing your pens.

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    1. Thanks for persevering. It was really just linked to my nurse background. The way you yourself weave in a detective story or the Sherlock Holmes linkage. It is a parallel of sorts between the pens and other ideas. Seriously. To consider just keeping your eye on how you are doing as a good exercise. I was struggling against the wind off the ocean today with a few bags of Christmas shopping. The type of wind that takes your breath away. I walked along the whole promenade, got to the parked car and got inside. I felt exhilarated with getting through that exercise. Not too breathless on the exertion. After the Covid long term symptoms it was a great test. The link to Jon Kabat-Zinn is a great little YouTube Mindfulness video. But you can buy his CDs on line. Or any thrift shop usually have Mindfulness CDs in their collections. I loved them years ago to simply put on and spend a forced half an hour in complete relaxation. All the best.

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