Snow. Frost. Keeping warm.

Christmas perfect picture postcard imagery. Or is it?
Photograph by Gray Summers.

Christmas is a cheery time of visuals. Nothing speaks more idyllically about this time of year than the visuals of picture postcard fallen snow. Nice to see from your window if you can feel comfortable inside your home. Okay. Lately, to much delight, it has been snowing here on the West coast of Wales. Alongside? Unfortunately is hard frost. Temperatures at very low minus readings. Extremely cold conditions which we are not used to. Conditions of trying to keep warm, safe and in no danger of hypothermia for many older folk. The freezing internal home temperatures difficult to fight against. With energy costs at levels beyond belief. It is leaving many vulnerable people sitting in their houses struggling to keep warm.

It’s heartbreaking to see. Are the answers there? Can we, as close communities, bring assistance to each other? It is easy to read advice and then believe that others have read the same advice and are following instructions. Maybe so. However, more likely not so simple or able to do so. A check on neighbours is an act of necessity at times. A tap on the door and simple enquiry. Myself ? In retirement with the luxury of fairly decent health I can still keep warm. Extra layers, keep active, gentle sustainable background heat in the house, warm drinks, etc. Inside it is still cold but not freezing. My wife works and stays active that way. People may seem that they are coping due to the way they seem strong and capable. Present with confidence and bravado. But, sometimes, the reality of extraordinary situations in extreme times can actually come and bite you unexpectedly. Vulnerability can affect all walks of life. A knock on a door or a phone call may make a huge difference.

My photograph of the trees below? It made me think. So I gave it a title. “Freezing isn’t it? Are you okay?” But who is asking who?

Please keep an eye on neighbours. Community values really do make the World a better place. Link below for advice and guidance.

“Freezing isn’t it? Are you okay?“ But who is asking who?
Photograph by Gray Summers.

2 thoughts on “Snow. Frost. Keeping warm.”

  1. Some really valid points Gray. It has been so cold recently, although until yesterday we’d avoided the snow in the Central Belt of Scotland. I woke up yesterday in the wee small hours to a covering of snow in Glasgow.

    Youre right, with the cold and icy weather, we do need to keep an eye on everyone. The financial crisis just makes this more important. Its going to be a difficult winter for many. I know the college I work for is providing free hot breakfasts for any students that need it. Its not much, but at least they’re getting one hot meal a day and not worrying about the cost. I know too, some centres are opening their doors – providing a warm space and maybe a bowl of soup. My concern is with the cold, icy conditions, older people may be more afraid to go out for fear of slips etc. I hope, as winter progresses, we don’t have too many situations like we have currently in Shetland where they are without power and the snow has made roads impassable.

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    1. We don’t get much snow usually. In 28 years living here I have seen only one massively deep snowfall. A smattering otherwise and some years none at all. We live near the Gulf Stream influence so get milder weather. But this year! The cold is pretty fierce. Frost coverings that look like it has snowed. So we currently have snow and frost. I saw the Shetland story. The residents had to wait a fair while. Waiting for services to arrive en masse. The news spoke about Shetland being a closer distance to Norway than a Scottish town/city. Not sure which one to be honest. Older people falling was one of the major crises for hospital attendance. Many chronic symptoms can contribute to this too. Dehydration, low blood pressure, confusion, etc. So even inside the house falls happen. We are pretty lucky in Machynlleth because the local community is pretty supportive of locals. You look to be doing a grand job locally too. I think the major commercial enterprises like supermarkets can assist. They seem to have a few offers in place. Thanks for the reply and your insights to this situation. All the best.

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