Revisiting simple pleasures. With due attention to limitations.

Vintage Black Forest Bear dip nib holder.

If the decision comes to be ‘yes’ to having a wee dram over Christmas, then a nice bourbon would be first choice. A year of not having any alcohol was adopted after taking on the ‘Dry January’ personal challenge. Simply? I lost weight, felt brighter and saved money. In reality, I wasn’t someone that had alcohol for the effect. I just love aromatics of the various spirits, ales and ciders. Enjoyment from taste. No imbibing with gusto. Not like enjoying coffee and tea on a daily basis. Drinking any liquid in general? I prefer to call it ‘imbibe with thoughtful application, subsequent pleasure (or distaste) and begin to understand the nuances linked to the base cultural background and the subtle aromatics belonging to various liquids’. Joking! But seriously. Not just drink alcohol because it makes you feel happy! And solves problematics because it allows you to escape mentally…….albeit for a short moment’s scenario. I’m aware that that scenario would be truly problematic. Limitation is a fine agenda to adopt.

Speaking of abstinence. Some of the fountain pens, which have found themselves on the back burner, should definitely be revisited again from time to time. Especially the choices of italic nibs. This generic pen here in the photographs is one case in point. 

Example of small tolerable ink crawl.

The nib simply states ‘Novochrome de luxe. etats unis’. Nothing to identify if fine, medium or broad. Nothing stamped into the feed. Nothing to find on the internet either regarding the nib inscription. Feedback noise from the nib does exist. But displays noise in the ‘I am busy!’ nature. The nib simply sings a song of purpose and intent. It has an ‘official’ scratch sound when working it’s way across the page. Almost as if the words accompanying it’s dance should be serious and thoughtful in considerations. Letter writing to complain or instruct. Or a determined effort performed to produce and realise an award winning novel. Apart from feedback noise being tolerable, the crawl of ink into the paper from the individual strokes of each letter is also ok. This is absorbent paper being written on.

The pen has two rubber grommets holding the loose lever down and secure on the barrel. It needs fixing. But will not happen on my watch of ownership. As said before. Limitation is a fine agenda to adopt. It works currently so let it get on with what it does quite nicely. Write well. Those rubbers are not intrusive and give the pen a bit of quirky individuality. So for obvious reasons I call this pen ‘Double Rubber Band Girl’. In honour of the song written by the fabulous Kate Bush. 

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New purchase on the way too. The Bavarian carved bear vintage dip nib pen holder in the photographs. Bought from eBay and awaiting delivery. Can’t wait to try this one out. A bit of Briwax polish, some fine wire wool metal cleaning and I then possess two vintage holders. The two other modern ones I bought have simply split! 

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5 thoughts on “Revisiting simple pleasures. With due attention to limitations.”

      1. You know what though Danny? When typing the blog I had no idea how to describe the separate part that you have enlightened me now with the word ‘shaft’. I just thought that it held the nib….so I’ll call it a holder. A dip nib pen is how I say the whole thing. Looking forward to using this. The metal nib housing has some areas of surface rust so will need a bit of attention. Cheers for the enlightenment. All the best.

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