The Close Up Photographs = Mindful Opportunity.

Moving the Goalposts.

Close ups? Photographed for a purpose. Images taken simply to allow focus for when Mindfully meditating. Black and White strips away the reality of the colourful everyday object. Basics. Hues inherent from saturation choices on the computer programme. Scan the developed photograph print and use technology to provide an extra hint of off kilter shade to study. Choice of imagery? Simplicity of lines. Complexity in natural forms. High contrast dark and light. Images that question albeit simply.

Above? Moving the Goalposts is regarding staying in the background or being out there at the front of it all. How you choose life’s presentation. Forever in one or the other (Status Quo). Or knowing when to be in a bit of both. Imagery that can take you thoughtfully into self study.

Please tap on each of the photographs below to enlarge

The focus on objects other than those from nature were simple textures or harsh black and white contrasts.

Today I have ordered a ‘darkroom‘ bag for getting negative film into a developer canister. This is then ready for the simple process of development of the film using develop, stop, fix. Or to try alternative natural ways of producing a negative. I no longer want to set up the darkroom. So will purchase a negative flat bed scanner and scan images to laptop.

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