Earth Pathways. Pen Odd Ways.

The perseverance with certain pens. Sometimes you wonder whether to make it somewhat different. Change the nib?

Unfortunately the skill of fountain pen restoration or simply tweaking small problems into decent results through changing the simple things evades. I go through these things from time to time and usually end up no better off. The Ty.Phoo early 1920s pen I love aesthetically. However it has a very flexible gold nib. I can’t seem to find a gold flexible nib that behaves itself. In the photographs it was a case of writing to experiment. See if it could settle and become more useable. Yes initially. No, subsequently. Worse afterwards too unfortunately.

Having a shed load of dip nibs I may try to find something suitable to change the nib. The Ty.Phoo has a very light, small nib and most of my dip nibs ownership are larger and wider. So maybe on a difficult task journey from the off. Tines on these older gold nibs tend to cross at nib end too. Easy to realign but difficult to keep permanent. Result is like an old name for a Victorian Charles Dickens double act characterisation………’Scratch and Blotts’. And boy does it scratch. If I moan about this? It throws it’s toys out the pram and blots out a bead of unwelcome that produces a groan from yours truly.

Have looked at the Earth Pathways diary for this writing here. Bought it from my wife’s Wholefood shop. Thought it may prove inspiration material for next years blogs. It is a beautiful little treasure, but I will return it. Full of poetry and insightful New Age thoughts alongside Moon and Astrology Signs and links to Cyclic and Coexistence happenings. The artwork inside is sublime. However. I have an amazing diary bought for me by my wife. The Earth Pathways would sit empty and redundant. They do sell out quickly in the shop and someone else will put it to its proper use.

The second photograph is writing using the Osmiroid Italic. Fine nib in situ with Diamine from the Sovereign collection. Oh! And my family heirloom watch needs mending too. 7.20 in permanent forever-ness? I am no Timelord.

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