Nib Scrawl Doodle Words. There are no limits.


I began thinking about writing down considered long thoughts in journals ‘Versus’ stupid doodle nonsense that, actually, isn’t doodle nonsense at all. Many a hidden doodle thought escapes it’s trapped environment amongst the little grey cells by doodley shouting ‘Hooray! Today! I’m out!’ And there it is. On the page. Looking back at ya. Frowning at your countenance with a ‘What took ya so long’ look on it’s wicked words presence countenance.

Ongoing thinking and thought challenge for the day can arrive after a doodle picture scribble followed by a short sentence to cement the strange nonsense outpouring. The little doodle can be as naive as a spiral that ends in a corner. The words that follow could say ‘Why are there always limits?’ The page size has stopped spiral play. Why are there always limits though? Or are there? Have there been? Will there be? New Year beckoning so will the limits stop play? Do I make a resolution that has limits? Or stuff that for a game of tiddlywinks. The fact is that limits can be ignored? Instinct, variety, choice, experimentation, individualism…….

And so the doodle provides a simple, a tedious, an enjoyed or a difficult to answer thought. It could be today’s thought which becomes cemented in spirals. Spiralling thoughts. Or a 5 minute thought thrown away after a throwaway doodle of a Christmas Tree. You can decorate a Christmas Tree an infinite number of ways! So. There is the already known answer as soon as it was written down:

‘There are no limits. There is always freedom to choose’.

Please tap on individual photos to enlarge …….. or don’t. There’s always freedom to choose.

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