La Comtoise #1 stainless steel dip nib .

The first nib to show real class of the four new dip nibs bought from eBay. This nib, the La Comtoise Inoxydable #1, is being used with Waterman Intense Black fountain pen ink. Used also previously with India and China dip nib ink it works equally as well. I am reluctant to use a shellac based ink at present as it really does stain the metal. Washing immediately with water after each use is good practice with dip nibs. 

The new vintage hand carved ‘Bear’ nib holder is really light and well balanced. Feels like it isn’t actually there! The metal nib housing is stamped and states ‘Accommodation Hotel’. The feel in the majority of these dip nibs is not always easy to create flow. Considered strokes within lettering is usually the case. An upward stroke can catch on hand made papers. This paper here is a cheap sketch pad. Heavy in nature. Yet this nib still performs okay. A 30 degree presentation to the paper is the one that works best. It is a fude nib which is a nib bent upwards at the end. From Ofuda, a Japanese brush used in calligraphy. There is a little flex but not enough for lettering. Little doodle art pieces show little line thickness variance. It seems like an extra fine nib though. This photograph above? The nib was dipped 4 times completing the page. So longevity is very pleasing.

La Comtoise #1 nib. ? Feels Extra Fine. A fude nib.

Made in France in the 1960s this can be considered a vintage nib. 

Made of stainless steel. 

Machine made. 

Great longevity with little re-dipping need. 

2 thoughts on “La Comtoise #1 stainless steel dip nib .”

    1. Using India and China inks, or shellac inks, I usually do choose heavier sketch pad papers. But, you are right here regards sketch pad choice with a fountain pen ink. As I chose to use the Waterman’s ink, then handmade or smoother lighter GSM could be a very different result. I have some nice new writing paper choices to try out now. Doodles? The fude circular drawing nibs are going to be looked at tonight. Should be fun. Cheers Danny.

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