Journal cover and pen roll. And a few other needful possibilities.

Arrived in the post yesterday. An A5 journal cover and a leather roll for housing a few pens. 

The journal cover is large enough to house three thinner A5 journals or simply one thick tome of a  journal. Thinner journals? I tried a couple of bullet journals (Leuchtterm and Legami) and a Moleskine notebook too. The spine width of the journal and it’s robust nature allows freedom in accommodating and accessing all three. The whole quality of the journal cover has a very chunky protective ambience. Choosing one of the three inherent journals doesn’t cause problematic writing. As long as the journal opens flat, like some decent journals do anyway, writing is a breeze. It also allows some additional loose paper and writing needs ephemera in those side pockets. 

The pen roll is a bit resistant to use at present, but is already beginning to feel pliable. I have put 8 pens in only to show capacity possibilities. 4 pens are plenty to house for taking out and about. Or a couple of pens, some cartridges, a pencil or two maybe. 

Love this journal cover to be honest. I have others too. But this is definitely now the number one go to. Great size too for the Musette mle 35 French Infantryman ‘man bag’ I own too. Also. Journal choice can be changed at the drop of a hat. The Four elastic book holders, best using the middle two as one housing, are brilliant for a quick swap around.

Yesterday, the Stephen’s aluminium travel ink bottle container arrived too. I now have two. The first one I’ve owned for decades now. It is an amazing addition to carry about daily in the bag. They are quite rare and difficult to find. So was lucky to spot one on eBay. When at work I used it often on the ward. Filling up the pen used for writing in patients’ notes. With two now, I can have specific ink suitability to use for the specific couple of pen choice decisions from week to week. The cartridges and ink, believe you me, have often been delved into. 

The man bag? Just a quick photograph to show how it is so easy to shove stuff together in order to get out and delve for life’s needs. This here would be a heavy result. Usually travel lighter. But the last photograph at end of blog shows all this stuff can indeed fit. If needs must!

Speaking of cartridges. Those cigarette cases are ideal for cartridge housing. Simply housing these to show readers that they are possible considerations. The journal cover, shown here shut in a couple of photographs, has them inherent with no problems at all. I suppose what I’m trying to say is that the roomy aspects are really adaptable. A5 journals are not all one exact size. This takes the Khadi Paper 6 x 8 and a half inch size with ease. However, that little silver razor blade box is the one I use often for cartridges when out and about. Waterman, Sheaffer and Parker cartridges being longer, sit easier inside one of these two cigarette holder choices. As said, I’ve only housed these options for the purpose of showing readers ideas for use. I’m a lover of recycling vintage items for other uses. A little metal 1930s camera film holder accommodates four or five standard ink cartridges really well. Smaller than a 35 mm film canister it drops nicely into a jacket pocket. 

Anyways. Please have a look at the photographs below. They give an idea of the possibilities in use of this new acquisition.

That’s about it. Going to make a coffee now, sit down mindfully sniffing in it’s aromatic earth and cherry-ness aroma and then think about what to do today!

Please tap on individual photos to enlarge.

13 thoughts on “Journal cover and pen roll. And a few other needful possibilities.”

    1. Hi Ianto. Yes it has the same elastic holder style. But the elastic that keeps the book covers housed comes out of the spine. Midori travel note books covers come out the middle of the back cover. I bought this on Amazon. They have three size choices. It had a £6 reduction so I bought it for about £24. Free p & p too! The roll was about £12. Really good keepers these. They’ll be inherent for years to come. Hope you are well. Oh! Angie has a well deserved 10 day break now. She’s not been well with tiredness and feeling drained out. Oh! Again. 😊 My brother spoke about how good the Yamaha dreadnought guitars are for sound! Bet it would have been nice to hear it’s tones with better strings. Especially with my Elixir guitar string personal fave choice. Hhhhhmmmmm. Maybe should have gone for it at that price. All the best.


      1. Thanks. I’ve just told her your well wishes. She says thanks and hello! All the best. The guitar? I have two, the late 1960’s Eko and the 1978 Guild and they’re plenty enough. You can only play one at a time. 😊 Xx


  1. I too have been looking for a pen roll. Considered canvas and leather rolls. Using the cigarette case for the cartridges is brillant. I use a canvass courier bag when taking pens, ink and paper out to play. All the best.

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    1. I have a cheaper canvas roll with pvc leather straps. Use it for different grade pencils, some fine tipped coloured pens, ruler, eraser. It’s pretty large when rolled up. There is Filofax black canvas surround with stretch elastic securers that can be rolled. That one is nice. But the leather have different thicknesses. So the thinner means less protection I suppose. The canvas courier bags are deceptive. They hold a fair bit. Pick up cigarette cases from charity/thrift shops really cheap. 50p to a £1 tops. So great for pocket storage because of their flatness. Cheers Danny.

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