Think in Circles? Or Spirals? Count Sheep? Or Fish bubbles?

Sheep are regulated. Fish bubbles are aerated. Both are not overrated.

Sleep can often be a catch me if you can affair.

Do you count sheep or fish bubbles?


My thoughts?


Well! ………….Depends on how the day has been.


Sheep, jumping over a fence

Is pretty much

For realising sleep

A regular occurrence.

A count 1, count 2, count 3

Regulated affair

As they singularly jump

Each after, not over,

The other

Into the air.

Count 4, count 5

Count a hundred, then a hundred more

Aim to dull the senses

Into boredom and eventually snore.



Fish, mouthing silent words


In simple simplicity

Is not absurd.

They simply

Blow out their bubbles

Which float out in

Beautiful patterns

In a kaleidoscope world

And catch them or

Count them if you can.

Those magical bubbles

They’ll envelop your worries and

Blow-float away your troubles.




Gray Summers

Photo by Pixabay on

Think in Spirals……..Not Circles.
(Not a poem. Just a bunch of words).



I can suffer more within my imagination

Than within my reality.


I can suffer more within my reality

Than within my imagination.

Vice versa……versa vice.


The reality is so overwhelming

It destroys the imagination.

And the imagination

Only suffers in the reality.



I can find a perfect space

In which to dream

With a calm and beautiful mind


I can have inspiring vision and hope.

Have motivation.

Have determination.

To seek another story and…….

Put my dreams into another reality

By simply, at least, striving to make them……..

My reality.


They can fly through the wind and rain

Touch the sky

Reach for the stars

And even then



Simply hold, forever treasure

and hope to realise within hope’s realisations limits

They will

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7 thoughts on “Think in Circles? Or Spirals? Count Sheep? Or Fish bubbles?”

  1. I’d never heard of counting bubbles. I get frequent bouts of insomnia where nothing works. I usually try meditation if I can’t sleep, counting with my breathing but on really bad nights, that doesn’t work either.

    I agree with your comment about reality killing creativity. You need to give creativity space and freedom to roam rather than keeping it confined


    1. Bubbles are just an oddity thought. 😊 Insomnia was borne from days when at work. Continued when I finished and became more of a relaxed experience. We studied insomnia when in cardiac rehab. Had classes to show how to combat. You are chasing shadows at times, but it is all about preparing for sleep. Very difficult to overcome. Creativity has been a lifetime feel good go to. You’re so right about confining it. Just let it go.


      1. I presented a couple of subjects over a couple of hours when on the Chronic Conditions Course. Gout and Fibromyalgia. The Fibromyalgia was of a nature that, rated on Symptom Severity Scales and identification on pain in more than ? a dozen different areas, then diagnosis was made. Overnight sleeplessness was attributed. Not sure now, but Substance P, which is a natural pain protector, was compromised due to imbalance through poor overnight sleep patterns. The circadian night time rhythm being interrupted does not allow balance of specific hormones, chemicals, etc. to be released in proper form. Please do not quote me, but it may be the other way around. Lack of sleep may ‘cause’ your CFS as opposed to CFS being the cause of your insomnia. Academics, unfortunately, have an ever planning and reflective mindset. I always found it difficult to switch off. Even in subconscious thought. You may be on a vicious circle of catastrophizing. So many questions re: CFS and so few answers. There are complementary clinics out there for Fibromyalgia and toleration to actually overcoming pain related conditions. Look after yourself and treat yourself kindly. All the best.


      2. Thanks Gray. And I try my best. I just accept this happens. Maybe it’s like when I get migraines – I rest and sleep – then once I’m getting better – Insomnia. No point stressing about it, I just try to adapt as best I can 🙂

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