Decorating begins again.

It has been an intention to start off the New Year with positive thinking regarding getting the house and garden all ‘spit spot’ over the coming year. Since retirement, in July 2021, an awful lot of decorating and garden tidying has been achieved.

Found under the stripped off wallpaper. The style of close weave pattern design on the wallpaper does suggest this year as to when last done. An 1880s house has had many wallpaper hangings I should imagine. So thank you Mr. Davies. No layers upon layers of paper for me to get off!

This week we went and chose a carpet for the hallway, stairs, landing and living room. Prices though! Cost about a fifth of the price of the first house we bought! Now ordered it will take two or three weeks to deliver. So this has given an impetus to get the room finished.

Please tap on individual images below to enlarge. Front room now in progress.

The photographs below?

When implementing past DIY and decorating, the stairs and landing required skirting boards stair rails to be stripped back to wood, walls prepared for chalk paint. The bedroom ? Walls for chalk paint, floorboards to be stripped, etc. The dining room was wood stripping too and slate floors to be renovated. Bathroom tiling, painting, etc. What I’m trying to say is that these were all simply applications and interventions following own considered time lines. The carpet arrival is now a game changer really.

Be nice to sit in comfort though.

Please tap on images below to enlarge. These are past projects.

The Stairs Decorating….DIY.

3 thoughts on “Decorating begins again.”

  1. The delights of old houses 😁. I agree about the insights into the past when ypu peel back the years of wallpaper. When we did that in our flat for the first time, we found the walls had been painted and stencils painted rather than wallpaper. But again, being built in the late 19th century, the old plaster walls needed filled in and covered up – it wouldn’t have occurred to me in those days to photograph our discoveries.

    The work you’ve done already looks amazing. I love the warmth of natural wood. I hope the work isn’t too stressful and you’ll soon be enjoying fresh surroundings

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    1. I enjoy the decorating and gardening. When working our house was in an awful state. My wife’s business is still full on. So it is great that I no longer work. At the top of the landing I hung a little box with a door. Open it up and you can see the original distressed plaster and paint. If it were in a French country house it would look all chic and glorious. In our house it looked drab and depressing. So it has been a really nice outcome. Both for stress reduction and comfort factor. Love chalk paint on these walls though. Breathes and is amazing to slap on the walls. Annie Sloane is to DIY what Elvis and The Beatles are to music!


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