Writing for simplicity or in earnest?

Writing for Simplicity…….or Writing in Earnest?

Or simply for the sake of writing for the desire to be creating imagery? In any form or format. A need to get the tactile ‘rush’ from visuals to brain when writing in pen and ink onto a piece of wonderful stationery?

Mindfulness can be a simple ‘Writing Down Your Nonsense Thoughts’. Or it can be a more considered exercise.

A reflective piece when decision making. Reflective self challenges. A planning exercise. Or just doodle creating a column of testing the Giotto pencils’ colours. And then additional sampling a few of the many vintage pencils and coloured pencils too. Because a blank space exists on the paper page and shouts out to be filled.

The blue and gold diary on the left has been lovely to write in with the Rotring Art Pen. Just daily thoughts written. So…..so far, so good. It’s content? No deep reflective writing. A diary is not a deep process. Just a lighthearted eclectic one. More generalised. Describing what the ‘emotional link’ was. Surprised, sad, happy, fantastic descriptive words. Statements…and not self promises, dreams or ‘what went right or wrong’ inclusions. 

The green leather writing case is for letter writing. A Basildon Bond ivory pad inherent. I don’t write to Santa much. Well once a year actually. So need a pen pal like we seemed to adopt back in the 1970s.

The importance of a fountain pen, ink and paper for Well Being is, for many, a vital inclusion in life. It presents a story, answers, surprises, ideas right there…….in front of your eyes. Typing is a rote exercise. To be honest, I barely remember past blog inclusions. When someone likes a post from back in the ‘Mysts of Time’ I do revisit sometimes, to see what it was they liked, and am constantly surprised at my words. I’m sure other blogger enthusiasts that write extensively do the same too.

I have also experienced surprise when re-reading my academic essays to be honest. The exclamation of ‘Wow! How did my mind put that together!’ It’s like a channeled energy process that can only be present in that moment of time. So committed to the subject that you live, breathe and digest it wholly and holistically. 

This blog? A filler. Simply put it is ‘Meandering’. This one is going in the Meanderings group set. If someone likes it six months from now? I should be very surprised.

4 thoughts on “Writing for simplicity or in earnest?”

    1. Hi Ianto. Your the artist, so would know your onions. I can’t draw for toffee. A food theme going on here! 😊 These were bought for those Mindfulness pads that you colour fill. A fellow blogger (I commented on their amazing artwork and expressed interest in giving the medium a gold) was using watercolour and said that if I were to try it go for a professional range. At the price of a £100 plus I wasn’t about to go for an art form that I would be struggling with. The Giotto were brought for Angie really. From the now closed Deco Shop. Laura Ashley’s first home. Hope you are keeping well.


  1. I hope you’re using up all your old stamps Gray, before they become obsolete 😎
    I actually got a handwritten letter from a friend in the post today. I was a wee bit upset that she’s asked for my email (it’s easier apparently) but I love handwritten letters … and writing them … its more intimate and personal

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    1. In my early teenage years I had a friend who moved to the army base in Germany. He sent those old blue airmail letters and we exchanged views on how his lifestyle had changed. I’ve still got them somewhere in an attic box. He saw loads of bands that I never got to see. They played the American bases mostly. I believe it was a school thing too to promote having pen friends from abroad. Didn’t go down that route. Most letters received were messages that came in the big blank space that was the inside left of greeting cards. I agree with you about special connotations re: hand written letters. Cheers.

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