Motion Blur Imagery. But not in black and white.

Using film in the Pentax LX SLR Camera, it was a deliberate intention at times to create ‘Motion Blur’. There were a few of us on Flickr that were fans. We used to get catches of ethereal light mixed in synergy with the surrounding dark presences. They were very much eerie and very mystical catches. 

For example: A winding moonlit river taken out of a possible normal sharp capture context to become a blur of whimsical or sinister light invasion into the area surrounding it’s flowing presence. The river danced it’s reflective moonlit patterns shimmering off it’s surface and into the swaying grasses like an invasion of fireflies. Now you can close your eyes and stir the imagination. 

I never took a photograph of that scenario. I just used the above word salad to describe the possibilities.

Here in the photograph above? An iPad image of similar Motion Blur (MB) nature. All MB is in reality is simply moving the lens in any specific shape in the air. An infinity sign, an alphabet letter shape, a spiral, etc. A film camera, my fave choice of a SLR (Single Lens Reflex camera), allows you to choose shutter speed which can alter results profoundly. Elongated shutter open equals more light entering the lens. An image hitting the negative film with a story to tell can stick around a bit longer and call it’s own tune. An iPad can’t do that. It clicks quickly and over and done. Capture at speed. 

This photograph here above is of a simple decorative pencil pot! Destroys the whole imagined scenario that bit of information doesn’t it? And there you were thinking, maybe, very H R Giger !? 

6 thoughts on “Motion Blur Imagery. But not in black and white.”

  1. Great post, brought back the good old days when I shot Tri-x film. I was always a fan of extended exposure of the stars, vehicles on expressways, etc. that is a great picture by the way.


    1. Thanks Danny. Bit of manipulation on the iPad colour wise. Put a contrast to it to define lines and then some weird choice I can’t remember to deepen colour tone. Mucking about really. In the darkroom with film and negatives it would be high or mixed filter use with a negative contrast altered result or a 4 or 5 paper grade choice. Opening up exposure? I used to turn the moon into one of those hard candy coated liquorice bullets. Never tried stars or car light trails. All the best.

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    1. I can’t remember where from, but I read or heard this little phrase years upon years ago when medical nurse training. I feel it came from the psychiatry discipline background. So maybe it was in a psychology lecture. I use it as I type imagined thoughts and go off on strange tangent journeys. I tend to write very surreal lyrics at times. Very huge Marc Bolan fan. So. No real tangible hook to hang your hat on basically. Just fanciful thought. All the best Brenda.

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