Communication Matters. Or….Communication Matters?

Photograph by Gray Summers. This image? Provided a train of thoughts. So I wrote them down.


Telegraph poles are not bridges.

Unless spoken words 

Can cross over rapids

And unknown distances.

Mend broken relationships.

Or keep unbroken ones


Even better

Stronger still.

Bridges are not fences.

Unless spoken over.

Conversationally going

The full mile.

Backwards, Forwards.

Yet standing still

In a back yard.

Relationships are not 

Back yard or front garden gates

To open and shut

With no thought

Or consideration 

As you enter

And exit.

Gates are not barriers.

They allow entering

And leaving.

Incoming, and outgoing,

Emotional, awkward, hilarious…… 

And cumbersome relationships.

And conversations.

In a two way conversation

Or relationship

We are not gatekeepers either.

Others ultimately control 

Their own 




And Cumbersome thoughts.

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