New and awaiting vintage fountain pens and dip nibs.

Onoto Junior De la Rue.

Recently it has been a case of buying some vintage fountain pens and dip nibs. Also some draught-man’s writing tools. Bought from 3 separate buyers. One bundle has interchangeable nibs for the Osmiroid too. Also some interchangeable ones I cannot recognise at present. Some previous blogs have been about the subject of one’s own self expression by adopting an art form with use of calligraphy style lettering. So choice will be an amazing option over the coming months. My wife bought some wonderful large format stationery for me at Christmas too. Two huge pads for choices in different art mediums.

As stated above re: finding freedom to express in art form related calligraphy. Arthur Baker and Hans-Joachim Burgert books found in charity shops have been inspirational. Their styles are eclectic and present in so many unusual ways. So….Having many dip nibs to trial and experiment with will be really useful. During a visit to the local town two days ago, a visit to the recycling shop produced a small calligraphy bundle too. Small ink calligraphy ceramic gouache mixing trays, six tubes of gouache colours and a couple of dozen nibs cost the grand total of £4.

Looking forward to trying the fountain pens too. The Onoto Junior de la rue, Faber Castell Progress 55G, Parker’s 45, 25 and Slimfold. A wing and a prayer re: condition. But didn’t pay too much for any of them.

TOP TO BOTTOM. Parker 45, Slimfold and 25.

6 thoughts on “New and awaiting vintage fountain pens and dip nibs.”

    1. I know. Great isn’t it? I’ve been continuing decorating the front room today. Lots of paint hot air burned off the lovely old pine. Yesterday was moving lots of small trees from a friend to get to our house. Acer, cherry, witch hazel, etc. About eight or nine all in all over the last few weeks. Lots of plants too. So really looking forward to Spring. Fountain pens, especially vintage, are much sought after. So it was nice to get these against other bidders on eBay. All the best Brenda.

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    1. Been buying carefully though Danny. You know really well how much people are watching those vintage pens. Got the three Parker’s and case for £18 total. The Faber Castell with about 8 nibs and a small inkwell bottle for £13. The Onoto was £32. So not bad really for 5 pens. The nibs were under a fiver. It’s just that I got fired up inspirationally with your posts on renovation. So that’s the fun in all this really. Cheers Danny. All the best.

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    1. That’s brilliant. I reckon you are going to enjoy a revisit. If you are considering which paper to write on, it is worth considering if the paper is fountain pen ink friendly. For example. Some Moleskine notebooks are prone to have the ink bleed a little. But it’s good fun finding new favourites like paper, inks, etc. All the best.


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