Mabie Todd Blackbird Fountain Pen. It’s a little Mystery…….

There is a reason why I bought this Mabie Todd Blackbird pen.

When spotting this particular fountain pen today on eBay it was lucky that I took a closer look. The main image above has been cropped by myself and enlarged from the original seller’s photograph. Currently it will be a case of researching this Blackbird model. See why there is no ‘Blackbird’ Mabie Todd name stamped into the nib. Or even another Mabie Todd stamped name on the nib from their ‘bird’ names. Why this particular nib? Does the internet acknowledge that the nibs are interchangeable? And this particular one? This is no ordinary ‘particular’ one. I love a mystery.

Awaiting for the pen to be posted in the mail now after I won it as the only bidder. When received it will be nice to repair it and then put together a blog. When looked at and more information is found out it will also be interesting to delve into the history of Mabie Todd pens of a particular era. I have two already. One with a mismatch pen cap. The clue as to why I was excited about this particular Blackbird fountain pen is most definitely because of the nib. Puzzled is an understatement.

After researching, it may throw up clues. And I have already begun.

Photographs below are by the eBay seller. Will update with my own photographs when the pen arrives.

Please tap on the individual photographs below to enlarge.

11 thoughts on “Mabie Todd Blackbird Fountain Pen. It’s a little Mystery…….”

    1. Thank you Richard. I know little re: technical aspects. Reading others’ contributions and how they speak of them in that way is describing machinations and inherent make up of the pen. A bit like photography and the technicalities involved. I kind of shufty towards the romantic side of ownership. How a pen or camera makes you feel. The blog writing inclusions aren’t art. The photographs and written lyrics/small stories by fountain pen aren’t truly art either. That is why the ‘Meanderings’ header as part of the site’s presentation up is used. I’m an enthusiast. Your poetry attached to your art is fascinating to look at and read. That becomes actual ‘art form’. It’s akin to saying that you could visit an art gallery or exhibition and see your photographic pictures and the accompanying poetical words there on the walls. When I read your words and look at the imagery it does ring out nicely and effectively in the mind. Sometimes I can reply with why. Sometimes it is difficult to put it in to words why, And it’s good to have you give the insights to poetry styles. I have to say again that is great to tap into the different ways blog contributors present. The ones I tend to bypass reading now are the influencers and businesses. I’m naive, but learning slowly how this WordPress stuff works. So many avenues and alleyways of interests. All the best and thanks for your thoughts and support. Much appreciated.

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      1. Hmmm… I beg to differ on what you are doing to be less than art. Regarding possessions, one of my prized is the 15 or so volumes if The Journal is Henry David Thoreau, which I have schlepped around through some dozen moves. If blogging platforms existed in his day, his “meanderings” would have easily been posted as yours are. While it is not Walden or Civil Disobedience, I find his best work hidden in those pages. So, take that!

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      2. I’ll take that. Also, over the day, when time says I can, I’ll look for H.D. Thoreau. Because if a person attaches 15 volumes to their hip place spaces for forever, it means they must be worth an enquiry as to why. Cheers for giving me a slap on the hand. Reminds me to be less humble from time to time. All the best Richard.

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    1. I should imagine that is how you yourself presents when lecturing/teaching. It bubbles away in your blogs too. When I taught or nursed you have to be animated to a degree that creates response from your own interest. My Nurse Registration is now over. The NMC emailed to let me know that my subscription was due for another year in order to nurse practice. So I had to let them know I am no longer working in the role. So now off the register. Closed the doors, finally, on it all so to speak. Feedback from my colleagues when they knew through Facebook was lovely. How I performed in my duty of care. So, I suppose your’s and Richard’s words make sense. You are both cut from the same enthusiastic cloth. A breath of fresh air in your views and exchanges. Great blogging isn’t it? Makes you smile. All the best.

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      1. How do you feel about the closing of that chapter of your life? It’s funny, I see myself in 2 different professional fields. I’m not sure if my membership of GTC ceases if I leave teaching, but I see that as my secondary profession. Primarily, I’m a HR professional and even when I retire I intend to maintain my membership of the CIPD, the professional body for HR professionals.

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      2. I can’t practice without registration in any form. On Facebook I wrote this. Put in a nutshell how it makes me feel? Shrug shoulders and move on. Copied and pasted.

        “Once a musician. Can still pick up a guitar and continue to write songs. Once a potter. Can still buy a bag of clay, make something, rewire my kiln into the electrical system and continue to fire the pieces made. Once was a supporter for Deaf students in education. Can still use my hands and can continue to sign with any person I meet from the community of Deaf people. Once was a photographer. Can still take photographs whenever I want, develop them in a tank and scan them to a computer and continue to produce photograph imagery.

        Once was a staff nurse……………..

        The NMC contacted to say that the registration fee was about to be taken re: direct debit to renew my staff nurse status for another year. Of course, now retired, I will no longer be on the registered nurse list come end of March. So I contacted them yesterday to halt the whole process. As of yesterday, no longer a registered nurse.

        Now. In being no longer a nurse? I can………….do nothing at all with that skill.

        Strange life isn’t it?”

        Thank you for asking Brenda. And good fortune with your own professional status.

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      3. I agree, it does seem sad that they don’t want to retain the retired experience and knowledge within the community. It’s a horrible approach.

        I’m glad you’ve found new (and old) interests to throw yourself into. Have a good Sunday, Gray

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      4. Oh! The nursing door is never closed. I could go back and retrain update for a few months. However. It is certainly not like a lyric I once wrote….’Well. It’s time to leave the show. I hate to see us part like this. And I hate to think of what we might have missed’. I don’t believe I shall miss the stress. However again with a different point of view. As Robbie Frame sang too ‘There’s no shame in turning back’ from the Western Skies album. I suppose you never know what is around the next bend. But secretly…..I do. Retirement is a wonderful pastime. All the best Brenda.

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