Bird Cloud and Bird Blot.

Bird Cloud
Bird Blot flees Submarine.

Often wonder about the unintentional way you produce strange little results.


Taking a photograph. Do you realise there in front of your eyes the symmetry and echo?


Drawing whimsy. Do you have the strange story on the end of a pen’s nib that is waiting to change into an ongoing piece of nonsense?


Yellow submarine was being played on Alexa over and over because my grandson found that he loved it. My fault. I say to him that The Beatles wrote the original song from a film, Sing 1, that we had just watched. Golden Slumbers sung by Jennifer Hudson. Progressing to other songs on Alexa like Yellow Submarine, Octopuses Garden, Blackbird, etc. you develop small scenarios of carry ons. You doodle and whatever is on the peripheral guides your hands and eyes to produce.


Books read, programmes watched, music listened to, words in poetry and lyrics heard, etc. The visual and aural stimulations where presentations from all areas of life flicker and flit and tap the little grey cells. Dig and delve into your subconscious and appear out of nowhere at odd little given moments.



Bird Cloud.

Grass Echo


Cloud Softness to

Sand Solid to

Grass Flutter

With Shadow…




Bird Doodle.

Feather Flutter.

Ink Spilling.


Game Chases

Spikes Triple Carry

Marshmallow Picnic

For Toasting.





2 thoughts on “Bird Cloud and Bird Blot.”

    1. Sorry you’re under the weather. Virus symptoms are so varied too. Taking time to relax is a good starter to healing. And a really good sleep. Submarines are so versatile they can actually fly if they want to. And when they spot the chance to share a picnic with another someone or something, even if they’re sea bound and the other is air free, they’ll ‘leap’ at the chance. 😊 I’m well thank you. Had the hall, stairs and landing carpet fitted today. So nice and cosy now. Cheers Brenda. All the best.

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