The Rippled Dunes.

Small area of Rippled Dunes.

Down on Ynyslas sand dunes it was always a pleasure to sit cross legged, with a coffee in hand, staring betwixt the closer ripple sand shapes and then over at Aberdovey. The camera sitting inside the canvas Musette bag awaiting to capture a treasured moment in time.

A half hour of sitting and using all the senses by simply letting the senses be woken up and wonderfully invaded. Listen to the sea’s rhythmic small distance swoosh beat and the caw-caw of sea birds; look at the bay’s flittering sea water reflective light patterns and the small changes in the close surrounding of nature’s ongoing positioning; smell and taste tangy coffee layered with a complicated cocktail of inclusions from the salt sea air, beach matter and aftermath petrichor. Alongside the surrounding odours from the cocktail dune synergy were Oak Moss, Cedarwood and Sandalwood essential oils from the morning’s application on my leather wristband.

A picture photograph that brings up these memories because it is an image that can finger twitch-prod the mind’s inner sanctum and can create a fly back moment in time. A window in time where it was a gift given by nature that led to a feeling of complete contentment.


6 thoughts on “The Rippled Dunes.”

  1. I love your photo Gray. There is so much detail in the ripples and is that boats in the background? I thought at first, you had captured the waves in the sand, but not the sea itself.

    I love your description of your coffee infused with the smells and tastes of the sea. It was pulling me in to grab a coffee and join you. But not sure coffee and insomnia are a good mix 😬

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    1. Thank you. Coffee down on the beach or sitting outside the VeeDub and looking over the views is a bit special. The diverse weather changes provide different surroundings in dramatic ways too. I’ve been there enveloped in sea mist whilst sitting on the floor of the VeeDub and looking at the eerie ambience through the open side sliding door. Never been down in snow though. Over the bay is Aberdovey where there is certainly boats in it’s harbour. A very popular place. And the sunshine does seem to love to frequent the place. Sometimes you can sit with a cloud formation over the dunes and see rays of light bathing Aberdovey houses, streets and hillsides. I do carry binoculars in the VeeDub and you can see the boats and shops on the seafront a little more clearly. You sit and look across from Ynyslas dunes and it can seem a simple stone throw away. But to drive there would take about 30 to 45 minutes. If I trundle drove in the VeeDub…a lot longer. The description here accompanying the photograph may be a bit more flamboyant in memory recall than the actual reality itself. But what is the point of one’s memories if you can’t be allowed to see them through rose coloured glasses? All the best Brenda.

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    2. Oh! So healing through sleep is a non starter. Unless grabbed any opportunity during the daytime. But a busy life such as your own won’t allow that I suppose. Insomnia is common in post virus Covid symptoms too. I get Medscape emails regarding the impact Covid has on so many levels. Whether virus impact is getting a different dynamic nowadays I am not sure. I don’t research the same as I once did. There may be a biological reason for insomnia. Or it may be the mind simply overwhelmed and doesn’t stop thinking and analysing. Virus! It has become a very troublesome word nowadays. Look after yourself.

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      1. The insomnia is linked with my CFS/ME, so I can see why it’s a common post-Covid symptom. I’ve been to all sorts of sleep studies and attended specialists, but theres nothing they can do. I’ve just learned to manage it as best I can. I can’t take sleep meds as they interfere with sleep patterns and I already have problems entering REM sleep even when I am asleep


      2. So frustrating. I have insomnia when having an active mind. Once the mind quells then sleep arrives. But not a full 8 hours! Your explanation of what you have re: CFS/ME is how we arrived at answers as nurses. A process of elimination as to causes and then identifying and pinpointing the ‘Why?’ The easiest one to explain the process is a ‘fall’. Why have they fallen? And there are a large number of factors to consider on that one. Sleep clinics I have been part of to teach methods. But totally agree. It’s not easy to put the elimination process into insomnia. It can be like chasing shadows. It’s an individual thing born from holistic self body considerations and outside environmental and social impactions. A veritable quagmire of round and rounds. Difficult one! I know you’ll continue trying to seek answers though. Thank you Brenda. All the best.

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