That time of day, once a week, testing the fountain pens.

Once a week, or at least every 10 days, it is really nice to sit last thing at night and write to keep the pens alive. Just before bed it helps to relax. Sometimes it can be a short list of each name of pen. Like here. Sometimes a sentence or two with each pen. Reading a book at night, it can be lines written from a paragraph chosen, with each pen contributing a fragment from said book. This before going on to continuing reading it. Sets the book up nicely.

Choice of what to write down is determined by time. An hour? The opening line to a bunch of different poems from an anthology, one of my song’s lyrics, a few Medical or Thesaurus dictionary extracts, euphemisms, etc. As said. All with the different pens so they all get to stay fluid and alive. Ready for action when picked up for more elongated writing.

Also. Some blogs having been hand written (I write only a small few from time to time with the pens) do create a calmness when writing down too. The short blogs are easier to consider in pen and ink. There is something to be said in performing the act of fountain pen wielding. Wielders of Words can find sustenance in the simple act of expression. We all know that as bloggers.

Decorating the front room at the moment with ideas for the room going into overload. Mind keeps tick ticking over the inclusions for walls and floors with artwork, furniture, lighting, etc. So to switch off? Tonight? Fountain pen list, a cup of Cherry Chai tea, my current book ‘Poe Must Die’ and this quick blog.

All the best to you all and good fortune.

Please tap on individual photos to enlarge.

BELOW? For Richard………….

2 thoughts on “That time of day, once a week, testing the fountain pens.”

  1. Howdy Gray. Good to see I am not the only pen blogger who does write the blog with a pen (LOL). Per the watch on the table, you are a most productive night owl. I do most of my writing in the evening but usually call it quites by 22:00. BTW I am fond of both colors as with the crown moulding. I’m working on a project in my daughters den (or maybe its a library) and crown moulding is part of the “what’s next” discussion.

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    1. Hi Danny. Crown moulding is a new expression for me. It’s coving and architrave as door, ceiling, divided walls and skirting wood furniture and I get confused. I’ve always called it architrave as general. Looks really nice though this one. It’s plaster so a bit delicate to scrape off old gloss and emulsion. Your room project sounds a great one. Shelves and a media area. I’ve been using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on walls and wood in all the rooms since retirement. It makes life simple. The writing, like your own experiences, is simply a natural process now. You want to write and you have to write something. So why not a blog! Cheers for the reply. All the best. ,

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