Window of Opportunity……..

Window of Opportunity. We used to have Visitors. But for some reason they don’t visit anymore.
Photograph by Gray Summers.

Began thinking of the ‘theory’ phrase that is ‘Window of Opportunity’. It always brings to mind a quick/on the ball/seize the second:minute:hour:day decision. A one off moment in time that means to grasp something will mean massive change for the better.

It always has connotations of belonging to business, upmanship or bettering oneself.

The opportunity identification stage can be divided into five main steps namely getting the idea/scanning the environment, identifying the opportunity, developing the opportunity, evaluating the opportunity and evaluating the team (Gartner et al, 1999:220; Ardichvili et al, 2003:108).

In my eyes and simply for myself? Not really. I believe I wake up in the morning and am given the opportunity to seek more from life every day. Every day is not a ‘Window of Opportunity’. The Window involves life itself. You either sit inside and comfortably watch the outside World and still learn from your inherent status. Or you climb through the window and check out what’s happening.

Why this reflection. Seven children have been in the house from Friday until today (Wednesday). My six grandchildren and their friend. So when children are in the house and questions upon questions abound. And excited conversations explore all made up scenarios and adventures. Or out ‘up back’ forestry area where they jump into the mountain stream which is deep in parts, fast flowing in others and has still silent pool ambience under boulders parts too. Or the dune hillocks where their bottled water is more use to wet the sand and make a castle than to drink.

Those are opportunities. Can’t remember them speaking of any Window they wanted to jump through.

Saltatory Leaping . Taken about twenty plus years ago. My son and nephew. Photograph by a Gray Summers.

12 thoughts on “Window of Opportunity……..”

    1. Hi Ianto. Hope Scotland went well. You deserve the break. It was noisy but fun. 12 in the house at times. Beach, town Aber and Mach, forest ‘up back’, getting wet in the Clettwr river. Just got back from taking them back home to Worcester. Looking forward to meeting up for that coffee and cake. All the best. Xx


  1. I like your take on window of opportunity. It also gives the impression of the opportunity being transitory. The window can be closed and you take to long, you’ve missed out. However, I agree, we should climb through the window rather than being an observer ….although maybe I should pick a ground floor window as we’re on the top floor of a tenement building

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    1. Like your reply on the post. I remember the window theme was written in a few of my early song lyrics. ‘Staring through the window’ type stuff. Four grey walls too. Your abode? Bottom floor is nice if it has a garden. But great view from the top floor for you to have though. And nearer the sky and clouds is always nice. All the best Brenda.

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