Decorating front room soon over!

Stripped back window panel and inside wall frame.

Weird how it all looks so simple. Slap a bit of paint on the walls. Remove paint from wood. That’s all it takes. Nope.

I looked at my daily diary entries since start of year. It takes hours and days to decorate a room. However. The weeks gone by have shown being outside of ‘focus decorating’ and performing other tasks too. Tasks of life that needed to be sorted. Okay. Other applications too to sort out in the front room and all within a simple little four walled environment with a lot of little problems involved. Old houses tend to come out to play like naughty impish faeries when woken up from their decades of hibernation slumbering. Looking back on the weeks? Life has been a bit hectic in reality.

Below? Thought I’d put a pen nib photograph in there too. No I didn’t really. My Index Holding Pen Finger ‘Freudian’ slipped on choosing Gallery inclusions!

Please tap on individual photographs to enlarge.

Today the windows were nearly finished with getting back to clean wood. Just a couple of hours more of removing powdery old last stains of varnish……and done. Thank the heavens for who invented the hot air paint stripper and the mighty Bahco wood scraper tool. Painting last coat on walls and skirting today too. (Currently sitting middle of night blogging). There’s a lovely little walnut cupboard to put together. Probably Tuesday.

Please tap on individual photographs to enlarge.

As said. All sorts of ‘life’s stuff’ happened, so it will be really nice to see that this coming Wednesday a front room carpet go down. Same carpet as the recent stair carpet fitted. Then a week later the sofa and chair arrive and that will mean the virtual finish to the room. We gave our two big sofas away on Saturday to a nice family up in Mid/North Wales. I’m sitting on a fold out camping chair currently! The living room will then need to be made to feel homely with some different pictures, art and lighting.

The upstairs study room walls to paint after that. That will definitely be easy. It will have shed it’s Nursing Study ambience. Not one medical/nursing text book will be going back in there! It will become a room to allow visitors to sleep in (as if a third bedroom). A sofa bed inherent. A sofa bed means you can relax on a sitting option by day too. Alongside the sofa, a comfy old Denbigh Laura Ashley reclining leather armchair to sit on and read books, listen to music, watch films, drink coffee, etc. All in quiet comfort. I’ve stripped three of the four study walls, chalk painted one of them and virtually stripped the door back to wood already. Once done? Blog writing will be focused there. Guitars, recording to laptop, journal writing and fountain pens……..all back to where they were previously. Bliss.

Then? Spring, so……..Back outside to the garden. 🙏🏼 .

6 thoughts on “Decorating front room soon over!”

  1. Loved the rogue pen nip pic. I must admit though I love the iron floor lamp. It’s beautiful. The wood on your window frame looks very cosy too. Lots of nice touches to all your hard work.
    I hope you enjoy your new blogging den 😁

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    1. The pen popped up and I couldn’t be bothered deleting, so saw the joke. That floor lamp will end up in the study/Den. Finished the frames and panels today. Really difficult to shift the paint and varnish! Have done too much over the last year and a half re: getting stuff back to wood. So this should be it now. When it comes together in a couple of weeks…….relaxation time. Thanks Brenda.

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    1. Flooring! Exciting stuff. Sounds like you have a huge project ahead. We exposed the old floorboards today. They would have looked nice stripped back. But needs warmth in a living room. A bit of comfort beckons. Good luck with your installation. All the best.

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    1. Thanks Richard re: content. Retiring in July 2021 I thought I’d do a DIY and gardening blog subject re: keeping motivated in older age. Men in their sheds sort of thing. Working full time (both my wife and myself) the house and garden were shameful. This subject didn’t really get going. Getting likes over the year plus by businesses mainly. So haven’t pushed this as much as should re: explanatory content. Businesses know their stuff! So content is simple light hearted stuff and fills the gaps. Contact loss! I’m still debating getting the Jetpack App. Can’t miss out on my fave bloggers. All the best.

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