Keeping the Pens Alive.

Roberts Radio helping to Keep the Pens Alive.

Keeping the pens alive is a ritual talked about before. The rationale is a basic focal Mindful one. A time to sit and relax. Nothing matters, even smudging or ink blots……or words written. The pens benefit and I benefit too.

Currently? Waiting for a carpet fitter to arrive. Initially Monday…cancelled. Yesterday…..cancelled. So maybe third time lucky.

The living room is completely emptied, floor boards only with cold air coming through the small gaps and everything, for relaxing purpose, is upstairs. Hence electrics have been disconnected and nothing to really listen to. So pass the time with pens and paper.

So. Photographs here. When writing with the nibs-a-plenty, I thought about Radio 4 (R4) in the U.K. As you do. I used to listen to R4 way back in the 1980s when it was on Long Wave (LW). Made the ceramics with it whilst it gently prodded the little grey cells all day long. Since about 1990 I haven’t listened to it at all. I switched on the Roberts charity shop radio and tried to find it. It’s on Frequency Modulation (FM) radio wavelength now. And it still has the same overall ‘feel’. Just very different and up to date subject content. Performing the ‘Keeping the Pens Alive’ ritual trundling along nicely, something is needed to get appropriate background ambience too. Thought initially of Classical Music. But it can jangle and jar when it has specific changing styles within the same hour. Akin to nowadays listening from ballads to heavy metal.

I didn’t think I needed to look at the R4 daily content list. Just a few days to seek if it settles into belonging to my personal psyche. But on feeling a little disappointed re: subject content of current political/social/environmental nature I had to internet search. And on searching it was seen that Radio 4X (Radio 4 extra) was a finer choice. Available through the iPad only. Technology moves on it seems. Preference back in the 1980s was always for media discussion, plays, poetry, storytelling, comedy, etc. Available in sections way back when. Now, it becomes choice at the seeking and hitting the appropriate ‘play’ symbol online. Radio with AA batteries now redundant? Simply accepting what is on the schedule? Life changes in a few short years it seems.

Anyways. Small insight into the day. Snow, no carpet, radio evolving to iPad listening, checking fountain pens, coffee with a cinnamon bun and soon to be writing down a decorating and floor plan for the study-den. Having painted one wall there is an ambition to start decorating the study-den in earnest………tomorrow. Things to get done will be determined by my own hands.

Oh! Postman called. Delivery of the Enchantment book by Katherine May. Said Book ………….and some Brackets.

Change of plan. Ordered these copper pipe brass hospital brackets for the skirting board pipe work. So, best fitting these sharpish now. Then, a brief look at the book ‘Enchantment’. Maybe it’ll kick start the ‘Reawakening my wonder in an exhausted age’. Good for the motivation. Therefore good for the soul.

8 thoughts on “Keeping the Pens Alive.”

    1. Cheers. Becoming a diary blog. 😊 Back to normal soon. Be good to sit on Reader and really hunt down and look at uploads from a fair few favourite blog contributors. They don’t always show up in pop ups. Interesting subjects of eclectic nature is always a grand opportunity to see how others are expressing. All the best.


    1. Hi Brenda. Thanks for asking. The snow here outside the house is always less than other places. We are on the Gulf Stream so a little warmer here. It did snow yesterday and taking Angie into work yesterday, 10 mile journey, it got worse as we travelled. Getting back home after dropping her off, it was as left. Not much at all. Looking at the hill tops it is pretty awesome. One of Angie’s staff (local north area) and a good friend (local south area) were snowed in. So we were that little oasis of calm between both. Just written a wittering blog about DIY in retirement. So carpet photos included. Nice and warm now. May get a collective category of before and after experiences in all this improving life’s comforts malarkey and include eco friendly thinking. I do recycle a lot and try to use wisely. When I took off the chipboard/melamine monstrosities that covered the chimney and front interior small cupboard side walls (not a large area) I recycled an old pine shelf for two frames, put marine ply to face inherent, screwed it to the walls and chalk painted it. So it blends in with the walls now. Strange when people tear out really wonderful original features. All the best Brenda. Your weekend off work is nearly here! And………..relax. Knowing you, maybe not! 😊

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      1. I’m glad you have a little oasis of calm. It’s nice to see the snow in Glasgow last night and this morning when I left the house, but it really was just dusting. I’m not sure what my weekend will hold but planning to put my feet up a bit, especially after battering a couple of toes on the wheels of a trolley case I use for work. It became a footstool in class today lol

        Have a good weekend Gray

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      2. Nice to have snow. Sounds picture perfect. Actually it really cleaned up the winter dirt drenched white car. Glad you are having a relaxing weekend. And watch that foot closely! Any heat or redness? Best get it checked. Cheers Brenda.

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