Looking forward to experiences of visual and olfactory nature.


Found this little fire pit flame dance photo in amongst past collective photographs.

Currently the weather is dull. Rain and cloud with spasmodic sunshine quickly disappearing because it cannot cope with the overwhelming surrounding invasive cloud army. So revisit and retune a blog put into Draft status an age ago to remind me of gentle and balmier evenings.

And so begins a strange recollection of past happenings. In the fire pit on gentler unusual warmer past Autumn and Winter nights? Usually a collection of surrounding fragrances. Inclusions of glass clinging candle wax, resin crystals, herbs, spices and old aromatic flotsam and jetsam. Tend to throw a lot into the fire pit.

Inside the fire pit already would be a mix of charcoal and ash from the previous burnt synergy too. A bed of beech, apple, damson and pine log charcoaled fronds. This base of charred ghosts reawakening and adding to other newer aromatic fire pit inherents. Then, the wisps of smoke mixing with surrounding outside aromas too. Gentle breeze carrying the perfumes from herb beds and fragrant flowers.

Gathered too, to use in one last flourish? Old collections of melded down house fragrances tapped out from the metal melting pots. These pots containing mixtures of Frankincense, Myrrh, Amber and Benzoin resins and crystals, dried lavender, rosemary and thyme flowery stems, cinnamon and clove sticks, cardamom pods and dried rose petals that have melted and ash reduced into glorious burnt aromatic synergy.

Alongside? The ambience of chatter, laughter, singing with camaraderie accompanying the fragrance filled air. Flickering candle light changing visual features of visitors’ faces. An aura of blurred dancing facial features providing images turning to a visual surreal episode from the influence of wine and whisky. Outside, as relaxation and peace envelops, it becomes more hushed. The scents begin to become more noticeable as the aromas thicken, multiply and air dance.

Alongside two? The last aromatic sputtering throws from wax scented candles of Cinnamon and Orange, Oud and Spice mix with their wax walls stuck to the glass container after being hollowed down. Collectively….to be carved out from the glass containers on another day and all put into the old charcoal and ashes, as said, of previous night burns. Wax to assist the catching of match flame. A fire pit inherent of scented wax to alight and delight the senses with the provision of giving more future memories.

In amongst perfumed smoke whirl is also a night sky backdrop filled with faerie sprite amber and red fire dance fluttering and then floating amongst the white shimmering stars. Like fire fly’s in Italy, witnessed on late summer’s eve amongst olive groves. Visual and olfactory bliss.

The memories of similar nights grow and the soul fills with contentment. This photo’s trigger? Emotional turmoil. Started with realisation that olfactory limbic links to cognitive wished for. To revisit the smoke filled with odours to make the heart strings crack. And the memories of how cherished collection of friendships can help heal the soul.

Leaves are appearing on sapling trees out on the fire pit patio. Shrubs are getting colourful. The rain will soon stop and brighter Spring will tap the shoulder and whisper………..’I’m back.’

14 thoughts on “Looking forward to experiences of visual and olfactory nature.”

  1. Well, that’s an interesting take on a barbecue! I could do with the calming parts at the moment as having decided to try to sell the camper before we leave on our trip it seems Lofty doesn’t want go. He’s being as bloody minded as a T2 can be, from something as ‘simple’ as the wheel nuts refusing to budge to replacement studs generally being unavailable. I’ll probably do a frustrated post about it.


    1. That’ll be an interesting blog. Angst and frustration with a bit of DIY and TLC. I said he’d throw his toys out of the pram. He’s using irony. His nuts are making you nuts. 😤

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    1. It’s a strange weather situation. Right now. Raining. Not light enough to get clear views in The Den as to painting the shelves, finishing the walls, and Bahco stripping the paint off sides of an old tall pine cupboard and old varnish underneath paint already stripped off door. A blast of sun for maybe fifteen minutes and then the clouds seem to want to rejoin the scene. Been like this for weeks on end. Weird! Great recent posts of yours by the way. Too busy to apply a decent thought out reply. I’ll do them all in one go after this decorating malarkey is under control. You are so correct. Waiting for Spring to turn up is badly needed. All the best.

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      1. Just took some photos of progress. The Den was simply an overwhelming and over crowded room. So massive de-clutter and resulting couple of dozen boxes filled with books, CDs, DVDs, ornaments, etc. A week should see an end to it all. But the decorating is one consisting of breaks from decorating and go focus on other things. When nursing, I caught a confused patient who was falling. They say you’re not supposed to catch patients if they are falling. As if! It wrenched my right arm badly. So stripping back to pine, painting, etc. are one hour exercises, leave it, go pack boxes for an hour or two, then back to the DIY again. You? You don’t skive……you take a well earned break. 😊 Cheers Brenda.

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    1. That sounds like a great plan. The weather must be good over there. When I made my ceramics, I sold at Craft Fairs. A lady approached who said in an earnest nature that she often liked to fly around the chimney clinker caves with faerie sprites. 😊 Have a great weekend Danny.

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      1. That is cold. Maybe still possible to sit out with a fire pit in the snow. That would be a strange experience. I believe it is possible that snow sprites exist and dance within the falling flakes too. 😉

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      2. When they like to hide in shadows, light a candle, then blow on the flame. The flickering makes a great game of hide and seek for them. If you spot one and say ‘Gotcha!’ they have to invite you to their next faerie ballroom event. 😊

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