‘Move into the Rhythm (of Love). Team 23.


Reminiscing about past experiences over the last few weeks. Listening to music whilst both decorating and de-cluttering. Sometimes the past has singular moments that can catch you unawares at any time suddenly. Found this single of ours when moving stuff about. I reminisced.

Played on the Radio 1 Roundtable with Mike Read (DJ) and guests Kim Wilde, Jonathan King and Brian Setzer (Stray Cats guitarist/lead vocalist) as critics. They discussed new vinyl single releases way back when. Not sure that they were mightily impressed to be honest. But it was exciting listening to a song I’d written performed to the nation’s public.

The singular moment? Currently, as said, having that massive de clutter of the house. Found the above single, yes, but alongside it was my acetate of the XCerts song ‘Feeling in the Groove’ and ‘Satisfied’. We recorded it as an intentional single release in Spaceward Studios when I was in the XCerts. A 3 piece band with my brother Kev and Dave Pepper. Never got released. So I have the only copy in existence. Last I looked a few decades ago it was worth £800 in rarity value in a book about vinyl prices. We put it out in the music papers that it would be released on Zara Records. The management team wanted fairy dust sprinkled on it and wouldn’t put it out and invest in getting it pressed. Feedback from listens on MySpace were absolutely awesome. I feel they missed a great opportunity.

I’m looking into getting vinyl on to the computer as MP3. I have a lot of XCerts songs on cassette too. About 30 or 40. My brother, the XCerts drummer, had all the original recordings of all the XCerts songs on cassettes. When he died in a car crash at 21 all the cassettes were in a hippy bag that he always carried. My Dad said to the people regarding disposal of the car ‘Just take it to the scrap yard’. He didn’t want to see it obviously. So our original copies of this musical experience and the clear/crisp original copies of the songs were forever lost.

Four songs, two cassette copies of copies and the A/B side of the acetate single exist uploaded on the now defunct Sonic Stage platform on my laptop. If I could upload it (it’s not possible on Sonic Stage) it would be ideal material for YouTube. We had a good crowd following back then. So it would be good to get them back to remembering the live performances too. We had made a ‘Live at the Dive’ recording which I have a copy of.

This link? The AA side. ‘Move into the Rhythm (of Love)’ by the other band, in which I was bass player, Team 23 ………. written by Gray Summers.

As said…….Link to YouTube above.

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