Insights when keeping the pens alive.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Oops! Wrong western.

There is a one week to 10 day episode of simply picking up each pen and scribbling down. Today? Performance from the pens was accompanied by a song. Sung to the theme song of that old western ‘Rawhide’. Fun times…….

Flowing, flowing, flowing.

Those ink sacs are swollen,

Keep those gold nibs open,

Just write.

Use Montblanc, Parker, Sheaffer,

Waterman, Kaweco

Onoto, Faber Castell

Feel sublime.

A Cross, then the italics

The Swans show dramatics.

Creeks ‘n’ Creeks don’t creak

It simply writes

Move ‘em on, ink ‘em up,

Ink ‘em up, Move ‘em on.

Move ‘em on, ink ‘em up

Just write.

Take one out, put it back,

In the middle of the stack.

Take one out, put it back

Just write

Stop sighing, keep on writing

Though you feel like crying

Watching pen ink drying

Just write.

Don’t try to understand them

Just hold and scrawl and curse them.

Soon you’ll be back to normal life.

Don’t start calculating

Why some are frustrating

Frustrating coz they love a fight.

Yeh! I know. I’ve got to get a life………..

Please tap on individual photographs below to enlarge.

Your writing style does change subtly over the years. Influence or inspiration? Who knows? This from 2012. Found in one of those pockets in the back of a notebook/journal.

6 thoughts on “Insights when keeping the pens alive.”

    1. Had to laugh. I got singing the Rawhide theme song and changed the words. The crying mention was tongue in cheek. I love sitting quietly and simply writing. After an operation I had once though, I was in bad pain. I started the Medicine Buddha mantra saying it out gently and counting on one bead at a time. Repeat on repeat. The Mantra to help pain relief. A bead necklace has 108 beads, so 108 of the same mantra said. Thing is, I chose the long mantra form. At a number in the 60s I started crying. I did finish it all. Then a knock on the door from my good friend a GP. He could see I was upset, asked why, I told him and he said he’d wished he had arrived sooner. Then he gave me a bag of bottles of real ales and said something like ‘Because this’ll sort you out more effectively’. Paraphrasing here…but spot on. It did! Cheers Brenda.

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