New Space for Writing.

Fascinating inclusions in ‘The Herbalist’.

It’s so good to now to be able to get off the dining table downstairs when writing blogs or using the fountain pens. And it is so nice to have eliminated the past atmosphere of this room when it was my old study for intense learning experiences. Now the books are of gentler content.

It was shabby too. Not decorated properly by myself other than a lick of paint on the walls covering old anaglypta wallpaper. Chalk paint and Wall paint are both breathable and washable. Annie Sloan choice is the only option in my view. Although I have used Earthborn Clay paint under the stairs and on the hallway, stairs and landing ceilings. Again a great breathing ability that has moisture absorbing qualities that assist in regulating the humidity in a room. It reduces condensation, mould and mildew, odours and emits negative ions meaning it gives a healthier, more comfortable living environment.

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So begins my new little work space life. I can mount a tripod next to the desk, focus on the desktop with a video camera and record fountain pen chats for YouTube too. The black folding ‘desk’ is folded down in seconds and can be stored away flat to give more room to put your feet up and read a book. Or listen to some music. The view from the ‘jazzy-jazz’ seat and out the window to the garden and the ‘back forest’ is no hardship either. I’d say I feel like a lucky guy to have this little space.

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16 thoughts on “New Space for Writing.”

    1. It’s a decent 13 x 11 room so no claustrophobia. But creating that corner is really comforting. Swivel the chair around and by having a sofa bed on the opposite wall means that when visitors/family are here then chatting, drinking, playing guitars, listening to music can happen. An escape room really. My brother and a friend of ours visit and the three of us usually sit playing guitars and singing together. So. It’s a nice space to do that. Cheers Brenda.

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    1. Hi Richard. It’s good to create an ambience for comfort I suppose. Lighting helps. Having been in the past on the hospital wards and educational spaces where chaos can exist… this room, with it’s past ongoing intense learning links, didn’t provide an escape from the day’s stresses that could happen. It was the VeeDub bus that gave that opportunity. The VeeDub is pants at the moment. Un-driveable. So now this becomes a static substitute. Cheers and all the best.

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