Back to the Garden.

Now the home decorating is virtually complete apart from a few odd bits and bobs. And also that the March dampness and ongoing rain drenched wet is pushed into a thankful arms distance. It becomes time for gardening again. This weekend myself and my wife are intending to complete the very long galvanised metal raised bed we started to put together at summer time last year. A Hugelkultur project awaits. We both went and caught Covid in the July of 2022 and subsequently it hammered the year’s ambitions down to a nailed down halt. We both had long Covid symptoms and were drained whilst still getting on with life’s needful work related ongoing. The house decorating for myself and also our moving shop interventions re: the new Dyfi Wholefoods shop premises took precedence.

So April is a bit late re: preparation for growing efficiently and effectively for the whole year, but never too late to grab the garden’s offerings for spirituality and make it a positive vibe. We looked at how last year’s clean up of vicious bramble, ivy, weeds and overall horrible mess that made it simply ‘jungle land’ has fared. It has remained a tamed situation and we can start up where we left off. No massive conundrum of it all being a waste of time last year at all. The grass is tufty and we can transfer some of those tufts into surrounding bare parts. The intentional ‘wild flower’ section is empty completely of wild rose and brambles and has many primroses and bluebells all ready to bloom.

Looking forward to this! So here are photos within the blog from last year’s efforts.

Gray Summers

When the weather changed for the better, it was a relief to have finished decorating the dining room. Last year was a massive clear out of nature’s garden debris in the form of a jungle of brambles, ivy, weeds a plenty and rocks, large stones and slate. Spring this year saw it starting to come back and timing to keep it all in check was very important. Also. The house insides had a massive influx of clear out. It took days, then weeks and then realised months on end of this first retirement year to get so much done.Get drabness from the house and create a brighter ambience.

These back breaking events of last year with both house and garden needed so much attention at the time and I did not want it all to go to waste. A dehumidifier out in the back space, where the back walls of…

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2 thoughts on “Back to the Garden.”

  1. Hi Sheila. Sorry so late. This was in ‘Spam’. No idea why. I check from time to time and the new Jetpack app calls me Anonymous too! I’m pleased you enjoyed the garden theme. So nice to have good weather returning and getting the Nature Fix again. A fine book The Nature Fix. You’ve given me the same ear worm song now. 😊 All the best.


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