This space.

This Space is a tranquil one.

I wrote this blog above a short while back. The dining table was makeshift to say the least. But a glorious ambience existed nonetheless. But it was transient. Short lived bursts of being settled only to pack away and realise that it was a dining room after all.

It also used to be an amazing feeling to sit in the VeeDub Bus (1972 hippy camper van) either on the dune sands or ‘up back’ Nant y Moch way by the lakes and write. Inside or outside the vehicle didn’t matter. Ambience was created by simply being outdoors. A whole holistic entity was created by a wonderful tin automobile on four wheels. It needs fixing engine wise presently and sits forlornly. Getting to the point of angst in not using it to be honest. So again transient. No consistency in a vehicle that breaks down often nowadays. And not used in earnest since last September.

Having finished ‘The Den’ it is interesting to feel a new energy and purpose to writing. Permanence is the new kid on the block. I’ve even started thinking of Christmas! That Red/Green Christmassy coloured cover below shouted loudly of festive joy. So it’s a case of ‘nailed colours to the mast’ with that small title ‘The Christmas Journal’. As thoughts flit, even a sentence or two is nice to jot down. And the future plan? I believe it will be written in this same room space over the coming year.

The garden looms and plans and reflections on those plans will be recorded too. Under the stairs are the gardening books. It will be nice to bring them up to The Den and leave them close at hand whilst needed. Not to have to move them continuously for a plate of food to occupy their space.

Please tap on individual photographs to enlarge.

So. A new chapter arises in writing the thoughts down. A different, yet already familiar, space now breathes new calmness into the mind. Be interesting to see what develops personally. Blogging apart. The guitars to pick up and write new songs alongside old ones. Books to be read or re-read and enjoyed. Music to listen to. Recordings to be made on iPad camera. A tripod next to the small desk holding the camera to focus upon presentations and know its consistency without working out ‘how’ all the time. It is definitely a strange phenomena ‘space’. I love those movies with those rooms with mysterious eclectic collective additions that have a resonance about them. Someone who has spent years collecting and becoming surrounded with their passion/s.

Please tap on individual photographs to enlarge.

Sitting, whilst writing, and looking at the books on shelves has a heartwarming resonance attached. Looking at these photographs? I loved reading the first two books from the Mythago Wood by Robert Holdstock series. I know there are more and will order them shortly. Last read in the 1980s I need to re-read again. I only have that first one now. It brings to mind the papier-mâché masks I made for a Carnival Collective to wear on the float. An eerie mystical and mythological organic quality borne from my ceramic style.

Looking at the DVDs brings memories and ideas for blog themes. CDs too. Visual imagery in front of the eyes is important for someone with no visual imagination. They become springboards that assist jumping into subjects from various heights. An act of finding out more by thinking outside the box when pondering their inherent subject themes.

Lovejoy for example. I have all the collective episodes on DVD under the stairs. It becomes second nature to write in a comparison style. A simple ‘to self question’ like ‘Am I the Lovejoy equivalent in being a divvy with vintage clothing?’ The Good Life. Could I become Tom Good? The books. Why did Tolkein or Froud have so much inspiration on my early ceramics/clay work? Music, photography, script, perfume, fashion, etc. All provide a little pathway to follow and explore themes.

It starts the blog subjects nicely. And in a small collective space like this it allows quick access. A blessed space which I am now thankful for.

6 thoughts on “This space.”

  1. It really sounds like you’re very excited by all the opportunities and inspiration that surround you in your den. The lighting seems perfect too, from the photos. I’m not sure from what I’ve learned of you from your writing, that I’d say Lovejoy … but Tom Good … definitely. But do you have Margo next door?

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    1. Lighting when subdued is a great calmer. Sunshine outside is too. Extremes! Like Margot. I’d love to have a Margot next door! But no. Neighbours are a way away. I loved that episode where she bought a kiln and couldn’t do the potter thing. And then the spinning wheel which she wanted turned into an ornament. And walking in with the cow as a Christmas present when refusing to accept the other livestock. Those actions spoke volumes of unpredictability of nature. Margot was a well written character. They all were. Thank you for the reply.

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    1. Thanks Danny. Much appreciated. Funnily enough I just got the aromatherapy essential oils out from under the stairs. Angie, my wife, bought me a lovely large aromatherapy box for essential oil bottles a fair number of years ago. I need to re-arrange the whole box again into A to Z. I do have a diffuser on the go in The Den. My complementary therapy book collection is extensive and therefore under the stairs. It’s like a ‘Harry Potter’ library. 😊 I will be mixing up synergies in the room. When you open that essential oil box it smells absolutely amazing! A question? Have you ever seen one of those first early biros with the refillable bent ink containers inside? Mine is a hard plastic. They look like copper metal on others I’ve seen. I can’t work out how they refill. Made for aeroplane pilots in the World War days. I got sent one by mistake. He thought he was selling a Sheaffer fountain pen. All the best.

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  2. You invoke a peace, a piece of mind, beautiful, cultured, and cared for… My own study is a ruin. If I could import you, not that I can pay you, the idea of order in the house is so seductive… Well done!

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    1. Hi Richard. Sorry for the late reply. Jetpack issues are ‘ Comments? Go hunt’. Thanks for your words. It’s only because I have the luxury of time now. Also, 48 years of myself and wife collecting bits and bobs to put out and about. Being a Virgo helps with order too. 😊 I don’t do paying. Never have. Over the years have always given a hand with others when asked. Started with decorating my Grancher and Nan’s front room when I was about 12 or 13 years old. My wife’s new shop premises was the last input. It’s just all just fun to do really. My study and whole house and garden whilst working was a nightmare. I was ashamed. It was a total mess. Retirement has been a cure all. All the best. And thanks again.

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