November, the stereo and you. My Friend.

The Eko Ranger and the Guild Cherry D-25.

The guitars now sit in ‘The Den’ too. They both look very happy. The two electric guitars wait. But these are plenty enough for a few months. The djembe drum will be in there today too though.

The Eko Ranger is from the early 1970s. I couldn’t afford my first real guitar and pay outright. I was on £10.00 a week wages back in 1973. So bought it through the ‘Littlewoods Catalogue’. Memory says it was £50.00. Might be wrong. I had to change the bottom section as the first one got whacked when a door slammed onto it. It is still one of the original Italian made ones. The base has a pick up inherent from years ago. But I found it had terrible feedback through my guitar amplifier so put a microphone in front of it instead. Early Eko guitars sound amazing.

The Guild Cherry D-25 was bought about three or four years ago. Bought from a guitar emporium in Newtown here in Wales. I picked it up, strummed a quick rock and roll ditty and knew it was my guitar from that moment. Made in 1979. It sounds beautiful.

Using Elixir strings at the moment on both. But their lowest gauges are a bit thick and I need to think about a different make. But the sound of Elixir! They’re expensive for a reason. The ring and harmonising notes are delicious.

Shure MV88 microphone for iPad.

In the photographs is the little Shure MV88 microphone. It is an amazing microphone. But can only be used on my old iPad with a lightning port. The new iPad is all bells and whistles but with a USB-C port. There is no adapter to make it work. This is still what is holding up podcast recording and recording my songs. The old iPad hasn’t got any ‘ooomph’ left in it. Not enough memory. Factory settings reset may have to be considered. Offload all but the basics. The new iPad has all the appropriate Apps for recording and editing. But a decent microphone? Nah. Anyways…….

So yesterday I was playing some old self written songs, revisiting and thinking over the lyrics and changing a few of the lines and words around. This one sounded fine on the Guild.

November, the stereo 

And you. My friend.

I’ve still got that photograph

Showing us kissing.

It was my red mist that night

That really turned you

Away from me.

I was gone for the day.

When I returned much later

I had nothing much to say

But ‘Hey!’

You shook me free

From all my mad ideals.

Remember all those days

When all we did was dance?

Suppose I’ve only got myself 

To blame


I’m reckless and stupid 

A poor excuse

For a man.

December, it’s Christmas time

And I am on my own.

Me and my whisky breath

Watching the phone. 

But it won’t ring.

And you know that it won’t ring

‘Coz you’re long gone.

And I’m left wondering

What this nightmare will bring

On my own.

You tore me free from all

My mad ideals.

Now I sit here

Looking straight back

When all we did was……dance.

I’ve only got myself 

To blame.

It’s insane…..

Reckless and stupid

A poor excuse

For a man.

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