Found one!

One of the little extras given with the individually hand made ceramic figures.

I found this little pamphlet that was one of the very naive little stories that I used to print out to give away with the individual ceramic pieces. It was later in learning how to handle clay that a more gothic element entered the ceramic style. This pamphlet was probably from around 1982. Forty years ago!

A twee little story of Buzfer, who became Boozle later down the line because of his liking for Mulberry wine.

In the very early days when making ceramics I was approached by someone stating they were from an Irish Film making company wanting to expand the idea of the Guardians of Nature. Whether in earnest or just light banter what they were saying must have given my confidence a shake. The result was a refusal on my part. It’s odd being approached by strangers that hit you with ambition conversations. Always a discomfort element creeps into the psyche straight away. I made 50 ceramic invitation pieces for the company Scholl Footwear and whilst making them got the sweats. Expectations do not sit comfortably at times.

After a short conversation with a fellow blogger, it was agreed that blogs should be written for your own perspective and enjoyment. As and when you choose. They come across as authentic in that way. No expectations.

As a musician songwriter and being approached to write a ‘hit song’ by random strangers was always a no-no. Playing live gigs brought such people approaching you into the equation. Management of our bands were pushy too. As were the very early days of meet ups in cafes with wannabe managers and our image being discussed. ‘We could turn you boys into the next Bay City Rollers!’ Okay, now being old and more life worn visually I can reflect that myself, my two brothers and other mates in our bands were pretty decent in visual facial looks at that time. So that was a plus. But inside the outside visage….we were serious people. Not dissing The Rollers here by the way. The Bay City Rollers were a pretty decent band. Our first four piece band actually played Shang-a-Lang in our set.

This simple, yet glorious, outside visage versus inner comparisons of a more eclectic and inquisitive persona got me thinking of Johnny Depp. There you go. One of the greatest actors ever, has an inquisitive nature inherent and has produced a lifetime catalogue of a massively diverse performance collective.

It’s better to follow your heart to be true to yourself.

The gothic ceramic style adopted later in my presentations versus the earlier light and gentle tales of ecological naive philosophy was not purpose driven. It was experimental and found in the searching of developing different styles. If returning to using clay? Who knows?

There were other characters too. There probably are no more pamphlets other than this isolated one from the past in this house. So who knows what the other Guardians had in characteristics. I certainly don’t.

8 thoughts on “Found one!”

  1. I love this idea, and the pamphlets are an awesome addition. There is something magical about calligraphy. Maybe it’s just we don’t see it much nowadays. 😊

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    1. I used to have people collect the little guardian ceramics. Thing is though, as they changed visually over the months they were very much different to earlier pieces. So some customers were a bit disappointed. I was approached by someone, who after I spoke of this, was keen to get a bunch of art students to develop molds of each piece to produce them in the same form. I disagreed and refused. My pieces were all individually hand made and the thought was that people would be getting a one off. I love calligraphy as the ability to use its base influences and make the lettering unique and therefore a further extension to individual art form. There are artists out there using that idea. Do have about half a dozen books of their work. Cheers Stuart.

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  2. I loved the story of the Guardian of the Trees. It really drew me in.
    I can imagine how scary it can seem when you’re approached by someone wanting to take your ideas and develop them. You’re right, though about losing control over what might happen next. Do you ever look back and wonder ‘what if?’

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    1. No. Not really. I had a phone call after starting pottery from Lynval Golding from The Specials. We’d been on an extensive tour with The Soecials at that time. Asking about me joining a new project which I now assume to be The Fun Boy Three. I asked my wife a few weeks ago if that phone call really happened. My memory being what it is re: specifics. I forget an awful lot of past events. They fog into a kind of oblivion. She said that, yes, it did happen. So in fact my opportunities, refusals, etc. from the past have no real significance. I wanted to write children’s stories way back then too. I did write a monthly ongoing story about a mouse family caught up in events specific to a day of that month. New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Bonfire Night, etc. Going on a Summer Holiday if no day was evident. Me old China got named by a gentleman of the road, who on spotting the mouse said that phrase…… ‘Hello me old China’ (Cockney Slang) and the mouse thought it was his real name and that he hadn’t got amnesia after all. His wife was Tinkling Ermine, who was hard of hearing, mistook ‘Stinking Vermin’ in a similar way. I wrote them as little monthly booklets and posted them to my niece. She still has them now in her 30’s. Made me smile on re-reading. I couldn’t remember actually writing one word in them. They were like new reads! The Halloween one even scared me! Cruel Uncle. Cheers and all the best.

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      1. Hand on heart that was what I thought too. Having the de clutter! It makes you wonder how you put it all together. Sounded like I knew what I was talking about! 😆 Thank you Brenda.

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