The Plain versus The Glittery.

This quick post isn’t about stationery. It’s about links.

Not sure how you all find the internet WordPress site link as opposed to the Reader App link of other bloggers. If any of my blog friends like or comment on one of my posts, I can hit the ‘bell’ icon link when I am on my own website. I then see their webpage in its Glittery glory. A much more pleasurable experience than the App offerings. Takes a quick scroll down to find and highlight favourites, hit your website link and read in another tab. Read your posts in all their Glittery Glory.

If there are others bloggers I follow who simply soak up likes and rarely visit other sites, it becomes difficult to keep up on their posts by looking at their Glittery inclusions. I have to go to Reader, tap on the tab that produces an A to Z following list and look at their site in the plain and bland form. I follow dozens of sites. Some upload rarely.

Anyone know a way of getting to them from our own web page. I don’t care at all about their way of going about blog exchanges. Some love to simply write, leave it there and that is fair enough. But I much prefer to see and read their work on the big stage. Not from the drop down App list. Also. I can’t realistically go internet book marking every bit of internet information I want to revisit. It becomes like hunting through a dissertation reference list!

Any advice much appreciated.

5 thoughts on “The Plain versus The Glittery.”

  1. You could create a blog roll widget. I think that is what it is called. Then you’d have an easy accessible list of links. I always push through the reader presentation as it does such a bad job with my own posts, as it never includes the spacer blocks I use all the time.

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    1. I’ll look into it. A blog I followed that went absent for a while suddenly turned up with a like on my post. I tapped the link, which looked different, to find a transfer to YouTube post deliveries. Hence my asking too. Been scratching my head a while how to get to the main sites easily. Thanks for this idea. Much appreciated Richard. All the best.

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  2. I know if I’m on a reader site I can tap on the three dots at the right hand side of the screen and you get the option to visit site. I guess, if the Gravatar is working, you could use that too. Worst case, I’ve written down the name I want to visit and put it in the search function

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