The Mind and Chattering thought.

Watered the plants. Fun…….for 5 minutes.

Often wonder re: motivation and purpose. Is it from the Mind bashing along nineteen to the dozen with thought processes? Or being a decent planner?

Wake up, just now, around 07.00 thinking you are about to don wellies and get active in gardener role. That was the plan. Then you look out the window upon waking and the rain has been actively turning the gardening dream to impossible interventions. Intentions in which the aim of filling the raised bed with the Hugelkultur ideal has suddenly turned into a not ideal. Wet earth is difficult to riddle through riddles. Logs are okay to put in the base. But the metal raised bed isn’t yet spirit level level ready and needs the earth underneath raking……level. Wet earth is difficult to rake level. Nothing alternative on the list? Will have to consider.

‘Don’t be so hard on myself ‘…….says it all!

So you think, maybe inside stuff to do then. But did the radiator covers yesterday. Put the little remote control battery driven central light in the ceiling. Yesterday too. Yesterday was flim flam pottering stuff. And it was sunny. Put a few ornamental/picture things on the wall and shelves. Made some very garlic driven hummus. Ate some on rice cakes with black pepper and dried seaweed. Very nice. Thyroid should rebalance in a few weeks hopefully. Have all the hypothyroid symptoms of iodine need. Unloaded, re-loaded, unloaded the dishwasher. Put a clothes wash on of lightweight stuff. Washed and hung the heavy Carhartt dungarees on the line alongside the lighter stuff to be ready for today. Gardening groove is best in the Carhartt garb. I feel all Tom Good. But wasn’t it Barbara in the dungarees. Hoovered around the rooms a bit. Cleaned the bathroom surfaces with Zoflora. Eliminate Pet odours one. Don’t have a pet but smells awesome. Watered the plants. All six or seven of them. Takes five minutes. Should talk to them like Tom and Barbra did. Take longer and be more beneficial for myself and the plants. Played guitar a bit. Sang a bit. Wrote a bit. Made plans and wrote them down for ongoing April. Adding to previous written plans for April. And ticked off unticked boxes of intentions now done for January, February and March. Made tea, coffee, tea, espresso…… and a cheese and potato pie. Read a bit of a novel. Wrote in the diary and then two emails to friends. Answered Facebook comments. Watched a Netflix film. ‘Nobody’. Violent……but had Bob Odenkirk in it. So very worth a watch.


Yesterday was sunny. And flim flam. No photographs above of cheese and potato pie, hummus, Zoflora, washed socks and t-shirts, hoovering or cleaning. That would just be weird. But taking the near perfect crème? Shouldn’t have bubbles! Not so weird.

Today it is wet. And awaiting whether hoped for scenarios can become nailed down certainties. The rain has stopped. The sky is clear-ish. Angie has the day off. A friend is visiting her later. Car tyres sound wet on the tarmac as they go by. So if it’s wet, the earth is still wet.

Thoughts bang about like pillar to post first thing this morning. All stuff and nonsense. But hey. The mind has a mind if it’s own. Don’t mind that at all…..

11 thoughts on “The Mind and Chattering thought.”

  1. Sorry the weather scuppered your plans. Your coffee does look yummy. 😍
    We had sunshine yesterday but poured last night, with the rain battering against the windows. Delights of being 3 flights up and on a corner.
    I hope you have a better day today. Hopefully you get some sunshine. I’m visiting a local cafe in a couple of hours. Should be interesting, I’m hoping post-worthy as it’s in the Glasgow Climbing Centre.
    Have a great day Gray

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    1. You too. Should be an okay day. I have been 3 stories up in a flat. Large windows in modern flats. And, yes, lots of noise. Our polycarbonate roof sounds like thunder when it’s only a shower though. Coffee? It was always the intention that ‘If I could get an espresso coffee maker it had to be a Gaggia’. Found one in a charity shop in Kenilworth for £60 years ago. Absolute gem! I know you really enjoy your coffee. So a little bit of info. Have a lovely day. Cheers.

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      1. Love high ceilings. Above a wholefood shop, our first home, were high ceilings and bay sash windows. Habitat and Laura Ashley were in vogue and spider plants too! Massive paper lantern light shades. Posters were wall art and pasting magazine pictures on the walls was considered a wallpaper alternative. Hessian wallpaper and sisal/jute or Indian/North African rugs. Nag Champa Joss sticks and listening to vinyl. Vintage abodes and inherents? Fun times.

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      2. Very true. Hands up guilty to flat packs recently. Too tired to create individual pieces. Scaffold boards and Walnut boxes now no longer shelves and cupboards. 😊 All the best Brenda.

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    1. It’s a Tom Good from The Good Life thing. Thinking out loud about the day ahead. Transferred to print. We call it ‘chuntering’. It makes the nonsense make sense. Thanks for the feedback Richard. Much appreciated.

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  2. You have no idea how refresshing your rain day story is to me. I miss rain, have not seen any since September or was it late August? The weather forcast says maybe some; maybe not. If it happens thunder may accompany. I so love lightening at night. BTW I love the table holding your plant. All the best.

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    1. We have very few long hot rainless periods. We’ve had strong winds too over the last week. It rained again today. So have been relaxing. Lightening is amazing. Love to count between the lightening and thunderclaps. That table is Indian and been around a very long time. Bit rickety now. 😳

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