Change. Clouds or Sand? Letter to Self.

Clouds…..Dragon forming. Photograph by Gray Summers.

Letter to self.

Life as realising ambition? No. Realising dreams. Life lived by wanting to realise new experiences. To change. To laugh at it all. Not being a robot in a bar. Forever talking and wishing for Saturdays. Change. To seek another dream.

‘Wasting your time, living in the nine ‘til five.

It’s a waste of time if all you want to feel is alive.

You don’t want to know what if.

You don’t want to know what gives.

You just don’t want to know’.

Change every…..choose your times…..days, months, years. Finding something new even if the previous had worked out successfully. A ‘straight line’ of considering and realising a different and subsequent timeline of dreams. Well! You only live once. No repetition after repetition.

However. Straight lines can ultimately……..Bend. They leap towards ongoing different challenges, interests and ambitions. Then they…….Swirl. Fracture and search for many answers. Some answers were already there. Sitting inherent and showing themselves by inclusion of past life experiences themselves. From the simplicity of having lived those periods in time you can reflect, apply and use them.

‘Time on this little old planet ain’t infinite.

And when time on this little old planet

Don’t amount to much

Then your simply out of touch’.

Thematic planning to create, ironically, loose borders. Holistically under the collective title page banner of ‘What is Needful for Future Well Being’. To include both consistency and freedom and create specific recognisable ambience.

‘You need to get high.

Fly through wind and rain.

Touch the Sky.

Reach for the stars

Then back again

To start again’.

It is akin to ‘Cloud’ philosophy. In all its philosophical gravitas. Clouds change. In fleeting moments. Look away briefly, then glance back skywards again and a different picture materialises. Shape, speed of progress and type of individual inherent energy and formation. They also hang around for a long time, unchanged in both shape and energy. Harbingers of positive and negative change. But all in all? They’re Clouds. Not the grounded sea, sand or earth.

‘Living in a world with no imagination.

Living in a world where there’s nothing

To shout about…………then Change’.

Our eyes slowly hunt Cloud skywards for dreams. Then back to the sea, sand, earth for familiarity in life’s perspective. These two separate images jangle at thoughts and experiences of what is, once was and what still could be.

Trax in Time. Thanx for the Xperiences. Photograph by Gray Summers.

Tyre tracks in the sand. Criss-crossing. This way. That way. Sudden clarity. The basis of a complicated intra weaving of all that has ‘life’ happened.

Knowing, instinctively, that you have often known and understood the historical pulse of pluses and minuses. Of finished and unfinished business. See in the sand’s imprinted crossing lines the slow dawning of recognition that you were always looking over your shoulder at repetitions from the past. Standing on Mother Earth’s sand, eyes looking, looking, looking at the intricate weaving of life so far. Change. Point eyes upwards to see the quickness or slowness in the new cloud presentations passing and providing deeper ideas.

The reality though. You believe you have avoided a life of going back over and repeating the same old, same old. But it’s actually not true. There is no straight line continuity. You find you tap into past knowledge and successes. Glean energy from those past experiences. Now, in any given moment, there is always an opportunity to revisit, enhance and build on what you thought was once strangely off kilter planned. Something you let go willingly? Investment mattered little? It was both interesting and fun whilst it lasted? Great at the time? But maybe wrong timing? Stop with this questioning. Give thanks for what it taught you.

Smash the clock faces

And try to turn them all back.

Wipe out all traces.

But hey! Tick Tock Tick Tock.

The clocks keep ticking.

Picking up and watching the clock ticking tocking ticking tocking whilst breathing in, out, in out for those Mindful minutes leaves you content in the present. Accepting that the hands do indeed only go forwards. No need to reflect on your past with regret. Ultimately, by creating a new freedom of choice in the here and now for the future, the past and present has created the opportunity of valuable experience to give confidence in the fact that you have arrived and ‘got here’. Here for the next stage. Still stretching the body and mind in this time and space. Ready to explore more opportunities and answers.

Experience. Priceless in reality. Change. Priceless in reality.

6 thoughts on “Change. Clouds or Sand? Letter to Self.”

  1. I loved this Gray. I really liked your references to the clouds and their transitory nature. I’ve really become fascinated with watching how they change when observed from a moving train. The different shapes and imaginings when seen from a different angle.

    Plus you were up very early this morning? Or bitten by insomnia?

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    1. Thank you for the like. Three Twenty Something or other was, yes, a bitten by insomnia bug. Why? Maybe the beer bug. Never can tell anymore. Individual cloud shapes are not evident here at 09.01. Just a white mass of colour that a posh paint company would give a fancy name. It lay above a band of sky blue on sea blue. Looking after my grandchild today. He stopped overnight. I can hear him singing so it’s breakfast time. Wife early to work as ever. So a day of decoupage to a pelmet and David Bowie singing songs of theatrical nature from his early days. My grandchild loves The Laughing Gnome and Mascagni’s Cavalleria rusticana. Interesting life isn’t it? 😊 All the best Brenda.

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      1. It was nice to look after him. It’s easy to find things to introduce with an inquisitive mind. Music, writing, drawing, trying out the film camera, playing electric guitar, etc. Even making his own lunchtime sandwiches. All add to life skills. No way was I painting the living room radiators though! Hope you had a good work day. Cheers Brenda.


  2. Gray, very thought provoking. Living in the land of Big Skies, I can relate to clouds and their movements. I would venture a life well lived better reflects your cloud euphemism, as the winds of change blow your life along.

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    1. Very thoughtful reply too Danny. I took both photographs locally. Clouds from the front of the house and tracks on the dunes’ bay. Strange how images give thoughts that explore more deeply. Your own doodling alongside your notes bring out subconscious thoughts maybe? I know you love doing other art mediums too. Clouds can be stunning over the fields to sea at times where sun sets and colours them so many hues. As an aside Danny. I received 5 different Diamine inks today. And spent big on the new Kaweco Bronze Sport pen. 😳 A treat for myself after all the DIY stuff. I’ll let you know how it performs. Cheers Danny.

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