Clouds? How many images occur in a lifetime?

‘A word in your ear if I may’.
The simplicity of Mindfully looking down, ahead or up to see what you see. Photograph by Gray Summers.

Recently there was a self statement that simply enlightened.

“I keep forgetting to look up”.

I said this after walking up back of the little village down the road. Off into the damp earth smelling woodland beginning with a short slope walk involving laugh out loud witnessing of others. It is realising the kinetic discomfort of your weird techniques of getting over fallen trees of differing shapes and sizes that determined no consistency for technique. And seeing it occur with others too. Chitter human chatter begins to slowly quiet down to murmurs and a sense of Mindful calm takes over. The surroundings allow this focus.

Two steep sides of rocks and trees protecting a fast flowing river that twists and turns, hides and then, later, jumps out to surprise you. It is the copious amounts of odour, olfactory to limbic system invasive, from surroundings too. Earthy tones with primitive familiarity. Alongside a plethora of new found visual treasures witnessed for the first time, right there, before your eyes. The familiarity of green moss which overtakes the bark surface colours of light/dark browns to rust filled oranges to shimmering greys. Green carpets of moss obliterating the trees outer visual stories. Trees, once infants, living decades to become twisted, upright, leaning or fallen awry adults. Trees who have faced oncoming raging weather onslaughts or silent, creeping damp.

This mountain downward river endlessly sings its repetitive tune of chitter chatter around inherent random massive rock formations. Waterfalls of a small nature that once settled in the calm ahead, eddy dance, contemplate where to go, swirl in deliberation and then makes quick decisions as to which ripples turn either left or right around boulders. It calms in its trickling chime notes and wakes you out your trance like reverie by loudly chattering at other times. The volume suddenly forcing you to take notice of it again. And smile at its ‘Hey! I do exist’ statement.

Then a gap in the trees and the sky calls for you to look upwards. The rain clouds are not so dense. As if suddenly excepting that sunshine does exist for our needs too. Their self knowing is as old as time itself. That they understand Sister Sun benefits their cyclic needs and it’s time to wave bye for a while.

As the little one says in the photograph.

“A word in your ear if I may. Is it time to disappear for the day?”.

So the story goes. To where? No one knows. Borne from self promises. Not worn out wishes.

16 thoughts on “Clouds? How many images occur in a lifetime?”

    1. Written as a ‘flowery’ blog too! 😊 But, yes, it is great when nature just envelops. Up back of the two villages (ours being the other one from this story) are a very memorable experience of time well spent. Not many people walk that stretch so you can stop and just be calm. This event is with four of us just ambling. But stopping, separating and investigating is very natural when you are comfortable and know you will chit chat your hearts out back home. Nature sings it’s songs, so deserves to be listened to. Thanks Brenda for the reply. Oh! I will have to download an app to listen to your podcast. Looking forward to the listen. All the best.

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      1. Angie signed up for Amazon Prime a few months ago. I know some Amazon offerings are outside of central prime and also need to be signed up for. So will look into this one. We just stopped Spotify membership because of Prime. Thanks very much for the insights.

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      2. That was a great listen. Reading your blogs and now insights into your philosophy. This makes the reading experience more complete holistically. Liked your discussion about life’s experiences re: historical perspectives. Well done. A very easy to listen to experience. Natural conversation exchanges between you both. Brilliant. All the best.

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      3. It sounded like it was just the one podcast interviewer all through. I knew Wynne was part of the team with the three of you, but hadn’t realised the contributing voice difference. You came over very clear and confident. 😊

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    1. Thanks Danny. I printed this one a few times in the darkroom a long time ago to get different contrasts. Tried various filters and graded papers. This feels like a mid number 3 or maybe a 3 grade. I’d like it as dramatic as when seen. But I have always liked this particular cloud formation. Over the mass expanse of the bay you can capture a lot of space. Cheers.

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