Motivation. Finding your inner self? Look back on blog photographs.

Starting with simplicity of a choice of three books this month. Less confusion.

Yesterday we went and bought more bags of needful soils for the raised bed. Came back and continued the inherent Hugelkultur layer building of farmyard manure mixed with compost, really decent nutritional enhanced top soil and, again, our own riddled soil. Deep and rich in humus. We also repotted the tall and beautiful Acer in an ericaceous compost. Fingers crossed it doesn’t wilt from this intervention.

The realisation hit me that, after my wife has worked in the garden too over the last week, I am now going to be back on my own again. Her 10 day holiday break from her shop is now over. Looking at what still needs to be accomplished in the garden? It requires a lot of self motivation. And that needs to be found.

Our bloggers’ Jetpack app has the ‘media’ tap on. Tapping on it earlier I realised that there are a plethora of photographic memories from uploaded blogs. Hundreds and hundreds. I thanked the heavens that photographs are so important for my blog inclusions. Because those visual thumbnails gave a huge lift. They told the story of accomplishments. Positive energy in actual realisation that, yes, retirement has made a difference and things actually have got done. On a pretty impressive scale too.

On retiring, the first thing to tackle was this jungle below. It took a fair few weeks to get it looking clearer.

Please tap on the individual photos to enlarge.

The garden as taken soon after retirement. Realisation that it was going to be a bit of a challenge!

In amongst those blog media photographs were pictures taken of my wife’s new shop premises too. A few months of fierce, but fun, application to get it up and running. Being retired meant that I could spend weeks at a time in the new premises to paint, etc.

Dyfi Wholefoods.

Over the years there has been worldwide motivation proffering from other people you have ‘word conversations’ met along the way. The internet exchange journeys were and are great experiences. Flickr, Pentax User, (both photography), Earlybay (VW camper van site), MySpace (musicians) and more besides had delightful exchanges of pleasantries and common interest. I’ve tried to keep that going on WordPress. Sometimes self analysis has dropped into the the subjects I have chosen to write. However, now that I have retired they feel too deep. The more I reflect on whether they belong within my blog themes, the more I throw them back into Draft files. They actually bring angst. As a nurse it was all deep analysis. Very deep stuff too at times. I feel I have left it all behind now. Do not want to return to anything that reminds me of challenges in that way.

Blogging, for myself, needs to be joyful. And when it finds simplicity in the everyday themes of hobbies and interests it rocks. What I did love about the sites as mentioned above is the camaraderie between only a few. You would get hundreds of ‘likes’ on a photograph, or an uploaded song, but on reflection, it was those few lines of thoughtful exchanges from a bunch of us exchanging views that were priceless. Also, Flickr especially brought me specific friendships that I still remember today and photography became more enriched and interesting because of those people. Here on WordPress fountain pens, inks and writing are suddenly strong well loved forces for finding joy. Also. Themes that are lighter in subject matter energise positivity too. Music, pens, books, gardening, decorating require only lightweight meanderings when writing a blog.

Love WordPress for what it has brought to my retirement over the last year and two thirds. The numbers of worldwide visits aren’t too shabby either. That simple fact does give credence to your subject choices and writing style. Even though it can be quirky.

Please tap on the individual photos to enlarge.

Ongoing? I’ll love my garden this year, all over again, too. Especially now that the sunnier days are showing up more. So more to write about without hunting for subject matter.

This morning? A trip to the local stores in Machynlleth and eight bags of enriched top soil (as bought for tomorrow). Recommended and endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society. Today there is a reading need for planning out what to plant and how. And a new journal of intents started. Fun times.

8 thoughts on “Motivation. Finding your inner self? Look back on blog photographs.”

  1. Hey Gray – must have missed you in town this morning! Had a trip to the Coop and decided to pop down Maengwyn.
    Really enjoyed the post and of course, the photos. Do you have an opinion on lunar gardening? Is it something that’s crossed your radar at all?? I find it an interesting concept, but not having a green thumb, I doubt I’d ever give it a go (at least, not for the foreseeable). Still looking forward to that coffee!! Might be in town again tomorrow… Xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I dropped Angie off really early so she could get to grips with the weeks orders after those 10 days off. So went to The Store when they opened at 08.30. Out and straight home with a heavy car. I have heard of lunar gardening from way back and am really interested in researching it. As you can see by the photographs ,the input over the last 18 months, alongside decorating the house too, has just been focused on getting it clear and starting on a few spaces. Spaces to relax in. Just spoke to Angie. She is going in for 07.00 tomorrow because of an early SUMA delivery. I will give her a hand to get it in. So could stick around for a while. Be nice to re-balance the swap ethic and finally exchange a coffee and cake for those dip nibs you dropped in. 😊 I’ve actually charged my phone today too. Wonders never cease! So we can arrange a time. Cheers ianto Xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’ll be great. I park in Celtica. But will be on the high street walking about. If there’s no signal on the phone (Mach is poor for my phone) I’ll be in and out Angie’s shop. Looking forward to a decent chat.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’ll probably park there too – the main car park prices have almost doubled since last week….just in time for the festival last weekend. Go figure…..🤔😉

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I just spoke to Angie and there are staff coming in earlier to help too. I get under their feet. 😆 So after the lifting I may go and read in the car for a while. So can meet up at Celtica. And yeh! A pensioner like myself likes the concept of free parking. Cheers.

        Liked by 1 person

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