Destination? Unknown.

Destination? Unknown. It’s a Journey of the Heart.
Little printing blocks found in a Charity Shop.

Choose a phrase or two and let the words expand.



Whatever you choose.

Choose to follow your heart.

Go write a life song

Where you will never forget

The words,

The tune,

The chords,

Or the beat.

After all, you were,

Still are

The essential part.

Mind switch the inner symphony

To ‘On’.

Let it load up

And dance to your self written

Life’s rhythm.

Sing it to the sky

All arms akimbo.

And somewhere down the road

If you meet yourself coming back

Don’t stop yourself

To ask yourself

‘What lies ahead?’

The excitement is in

Simply not knowing.

Heading for

Destination Unknown.

8 thoughts on “Destination? Unknown.”

  1. Thanks Gray, really enjoyed this.
    “If you meet yourself coming back

    Don’t stop yourself….”

    I think I’d probably find somewhere to hide in anticipation of a telling-off!!!

    Hope you’re having a good weekend xxx

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    1. I reckon the opposite. You would tell yourself ‘Job well done’. And go on to brilliantly sing new songs still. The weekend has been nice with Angie having a few days off. Finished filling the raised bed with the combination soils now. All ready for planting…….radishes. 😊 Xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s good to spend time in non achieving. I love life balance. 😊 Looks like decent weather fir a trip to Anglesey. Keep thinking of going back to the Llyn Peninsula to see it properly. Last time, Covid was pretty impactful still. We had that small window of allowance! Love Bala too. Be good to see your Mum. Mums are always great at giving you a massive lift. Xx

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  2. I thought you were giving us a writing prompt Gray. I could certainly relate to a few of the words … going off and exploring but im also looking at some old discs from 2006 of photos from France and wondering if I could write nostalgically rather than/as well as making return visits 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nah! Pretend you can’t write retrospectively and go visit again. Seriously though. I can imagine you have no problem writing in nostalgic fashion. Your podcast reflections were confidently spoken about. You could do a comparison study and have a new adventure too. I can’t do writing prompts. So would definitely make a hash of promoting one. 😊 All the best.

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      1. I like the before and after idea … plus I still found I didn’t have enough photos of Stirling Castle, so I suspect when I look at my photos, I’ll find I want/need more.

        Working yesterday on the Stirling Castle Post I remember going there on a school sure I have a photo of me standing in front of Robert the Bruce (but might have been at Bannockburn) when I was 11 or 12. That would have made an interesting comparison.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Comparisons were always a fascination after I heard David Cassidy singing ‘You can’t go home again’ on an album that is has great songs, tunes and lyrics. About thinking places do not change from your memories of them. I found an old photo too. It was what prompted reminiscing. Cheers Brenda.

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