Diary and Journal reflecting. The Garden. 2021 to 2023.

Experimental time. I’ve grabbed an old garden theme blog from way back on the 22nd January 2022. Strangely, the 2022 blog was a reflection on 2021 happenings. It’s like being in the Twilight zone spiritually whilst actually being in the Twilight zone in reality. And there were a couple of comments on the original blog too.

Anyways. Put an introductory on to it today, changed the published date in the App on post settings and am now blending old with new. Why? Because it gives insights to how the joy of garden experiences carry on. And it’s raining again. No I refuse to allow that Supertramp song to become an ear worm! Experiment….Here goes.

Recently here from end of April 2023 it has been ‘Back to Gardening’. Enjoying getting back to getting earth under finger nails. A decent day produces aches at end of day. Yesterday and the day before were both productive. So double aches. Two days ago, Hugelkultur in the raised bed was all finished concerning filling the 4th and 5th layer system. The 4th layer being compost/manure/ mixed with our own deep rich soil. And the 5th layer a final flourish of 4 large bags of Royal Horticultural Society Sylva Growth mix. Photograph below shows that final distant part needing to be filled. As said. All done now. It looks small but nope. Same size as the first one here up front. Weird visual perspectives!

Distant empty space now full.

Please tap on the photographs below to enlarge.

Yesterday was weeding the area of persistent Plantain on both the top three steps to the upper garden and around the seating area. Plantain has a habit of spreading through seed. And a short tap root removal with the upper plant can take it out of the equation. I don’t mind plantain at all. But the slate chippings on the steps we’re more green leaves than slate. So it was fingers into the soil and a ‘rip out roots’ exercise from the membrane sheeting under the chippings. Gardening can be brutal. I found myself whispering apologies. I have read that Plantain (ours is the Plantago lanceolata Lesser Plantain) is a useful plant both medicinally and culinary. I have never used it, so need to research properly. It would be good to get some use out of the fact it is quite prolific in the garden at times. Also, Wild Strawberry leaves were showing in the log gaps. They are very nice eat treats later down the months. Need to get there before the birds though! Sure I’ve seen some increase in Finch activity when the little plants are getting into fruit mode.

Both wild strawberries and plantain exist on the path steps. Lucky us.

Please tap on the photographs below to enlarge.

It was also time to move the Acer up to a different level by creating a slate platform for it to sit on. I just went out 10 minutes ago to photograph in the rain and bluster wind. To both prove it done. And to show commitment as a serious blogger! Fun times blogging. You get real time wet whilst typing it up.

Paths cleared of Plantain. There are hardy ones still around the seating area. To be left because they are going into flower. The bluebells are still in bloom, so left too.
Please tap on the photographs below to enlarge.

Today, third day in a row, it will be gardening. Currently it is 06.10. At 05.30, I started typing this, it is raining! Yup. As per the blog steal from my own historical writings below, it…….is…….raining…….again. And now I do have that Supertramp ear worm song.

Okay……here’s the old blog. From January 2022.

A while back I fountain pen wrote this reflection, below, down in a journal. Thought I’d type it and post it today. A memory from last 2021 year in ‘end of September’ time. It’s just an example of recording memories. Also. The importance of writing down? For motivation? Yes. I believe so. Aims are reflected on. A presentation of the day is there for keeps. So…..

“Went outside to seek doing some repoint/fixing cementing on patio wall, slabs, around back metal/polycarbonate roof rain channel gutter, slate slab in front of the front door. And then inhale deeply and take in some garden focus. But….it’s raining! Miserably. The kind that envelops you in damp and uncomfortable. Thing is. If it was kneeling down doing weeding, or planting, etc. Fine. But the required jobs at the moment need dryness.

Wanted to be all Amish inspired today after Pinterest emails came up with some females and males rocking a certain straw hatted, dungaree wearing, rusticated and beautiful gardening look. Models in gardening garb. Photographed to inspire getting out there and pretend to do outdoor activities DIY wise. Definitely, not probably, all of them are models in pose mode. Holding vegetables, flowers and wheelbarrows and other tools of an ancient vintage nature. Posing in an admirable fun loaded and eco healthy life is worth living manner. Inspired? I suppose I am.

I like pose mode. Get dressed in certain clothes and it provides motivation and impetus to your intentions for the day. Motivation is required in any form that presents itself to you. Writing aims down, being inspired by a visual image or getting appropriately chosen clothes dressed and ready for action. Even if only the birds are witness to my charity shop bought splendid attire.

So, hunted down my Oxfam straw hat! And action……But…..the weather! 🥺 Rain stops play!

Did clear and empty a ton of next doors pine needles that had virtually filled the whole length of rain gutter in between the two back room roofs. Don’t want my back space paint efforts getting compromised do I? And…..I did silicone a deep gap in the threshold of the back door because the rain was finding it’s way in and introducing itself without an invitation.

So…….now I’m bored and sat writing. I also photographed my Marks and Spencer straw hat, bought in Worcester Oxfam for a fiver. Bit posh! Bit newish too. It needs to live a little more and find it’s future character by looking weather worn. A few splits here and there. Mind you. I also love to see that the gloves have earned their keep. Photographed them too. Only cost a tenner about 8 years ago.

Sound like Tom Good………..old school you see. A 1950s child will always have a 1950s way of seeing the World of Word use.

Come on sunshine……..give us a much needed smile!”

15 thoughts on “Diary and Journal reflecting. The Garden. 2021 to 2023.”

  1. Well at least you can see your garden 🙂 We are battling with snow at the moment and my days are split between goats, decorating and clearing our road of snow to keep the school run available. The last thing I need is kids at home 🙂 My best find ever was a Tilly hat which I found for a pound, maybe 50p. I was pleased as punch when I read about them and the their true value and I use it almost every day in the summer.

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    1. The Tilley hat I first bought was 50p from a Salvation Army charity shop. It had no cord to keep it on. Got in touch with Tilley and they asked for the style. All over cream with the press studs and no green under the brim. The lady said they were very collectible with all over colour on that particular one. Chuffed same as you. Got a hessian too. I think we have both been along the same activities. No goats though. Decorating has been weeks of chalk paint and stripping floors, doors and staircase down to pine. It’s crazy isn’t it going between jobs. No snow. No kids. So I have it easier. Looks like you have to have your Weetabix everyday. 😉

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    1. Hi. Related? It would seem so. Reading your own posts or links to others of similar spirituality and nature….I can certainly relate and link with the themes. It is still raining outside. Yet a gardening Nature Fix beckons at present. So will carry on later. All the best and thank you for the reply.

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    1. Sorry about the migraine. Awful. Weather change must have pressure reactions maybe? Hope it has a short term span. If you have various triggers that can’t be avoided, like weather, you must have difficulty combating it. That Annie Lennox song can’t be one of your favourites. A musician friend from Coventry wrote ‘No more I love you’s’ by Annie Lennox. I have the Eurythmics greatest hits, but no more vinyl. Look after yourself. All the best.

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      1. Yes I get headaches every time the atmospheric pressure does. I can usually tell you rain is coming about 20 mins in advance.
        I dont think I’d put Annie Lennox or Eurythmics in favourites, just your words – and possibly the rain – triggered the memory . That’s cool about your friend writing that song

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      2. He has a version with his band before Annie Lennox loved it when they went on tour with the Eurythmics. It’s on YouTube. The Lover Speaks was his band. Our first flat in Coventry was above a Wholefood shop owned by his Mum. Again, fingers crossed re: migraine duration. ☹️

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  2. Nothing but sunshine here and yes that is a very Amish looking hat. As far as gardening is concerned, I got my bonsai out of the coldframe, my asiatic lilies lillies and tullips have breached the soil. The sunflomers are sprouting and the wild sage is wild! The seeds I started back in March, only the hatch peppers sprouted.

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    1. I would love a bonsai. But indoors over here! I haven’t worn that hat in earnest yet. The hessian Tilley and a lovely Universal Works woollen short beanie have been constants. It’s great you’re in the seeds planted mode and still active in the garden. You can buy sprouted already and ready to plant I suppose. That’s what I will have to do in the majority of early growing cases. Later, hopefully get some of my own seedling for late June to Autumn for planting. Going to get a small lean to hot/green house and see what happens. I suppose you will do the same re: seedlings. Gardening never seems to stop does it? Cheers Danny. All the best.

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      1. I have a couple indoor bonsai (ficus trees) both in need of repotting. I harvested the seeds last year. Apparetnly I did not do a good job. I also planted plum tree seeds but nothing. I’m heeded out for seedlings soon. Ikilled several rose bushes until I put them into planters that can winter inside. It is nice having fresh roses in January. All the best.

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      2. You are lucky with having bonsai trees. We looked at one in a garden centre about 3 months ago, but the shallow ceramic base was cracked. It was the perfect shape too. I suppose we should have bought it and reported. We have a plum tree and the wasps love it. Roses seem pretty hardy. We have wild roses which grow massively and little small potted ones given as indoor ones for gifts which have survived outside for years. No blooms yet though. Rose Otto essential oil is extremely expensive. I buy it for a synergy with seven other oils. It’s an amazing skin cream for a variety of skin issues. Cheers Danny.

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