Give back more than you take out.


Strange process of links. That is what this blog is about.

Number One.

Recently uploading thoughts regarding a book I was reading that had impact, Katherine May’s ‘Enchantment’. It spoke of the Earth’s elements of water, fire, earth and air. The author being influenced by Earth’s elements on her human connections and activities.

Number Two:

I have been subsequently reading another book. The book is ‘Natural Wellness Everyday. The Weleda Way’ by Emine Rushton. It speaks of Biodynamic Gardening methods. My wife brought the book home from her Dyfi Wholefoods shop where some of her suppliers actually follow the biodynamic/biodiversity gardening philosophy to produce their goods. After reading the Weleda methods and what was involved regarding the garden as ‘alive and a living organism in its own right’, I was keen to follow up the principles for our own gardening ideal. One sentence made me adopt the whole ethos totally.

‘Nature’s breathing rhythms are cosmic in origin, governed by the interactions between the sun and the earth which creates night and day, and the seasons’.

Number Three:

A friend asked me a question on an email re: if I had considered gardening by the moon/lunar cycle. Thought always Sunshine Day. But…..Night? I actually read a long time ago about it, but it never bit into the enthusiastic vibe. You don’t garden at night at all. That would be odd. But night time has it’s influences. Deeper and wider influences come from many sources and timing considerations concerning the biodynamic/biodiversity philosophy. I never remember past investigations easily, so would need a massive revisit to even begin to start understanding what was actually involved again. What you think is simple? Nope. Actually, as said, far deeper. The Emine Rushton book, which inspired further exploration, spoke of Maria Thun’s book regarding gardening by cosmic activity. So I ordered the book ‘Biodynamic Gardening Calendar’ by, as said, Maria Thun and it arrived yesterday.

Number Four:

Lo and behold it speaks of earth (roots), air (flowers), water (leaves) and fire (fruit and seed) elements/plant:vegetable types that Katherine May mentions regarding human connection to the Earth elements in her book! Circle? Complete.

Please tap on the individual photographs below to enlarge.

Why are photographs regarding ‘The Den’ added? Basically it is because creating spaces for ourselves for comfort, learning and creative thinking develops subsequent lightbulb insights. A room to feel comfort and joy is Nirvana. This is my settle and let it all work itself out space. For others? It could be a shed, a favourite corner in a local cafeteria, a place to sit by a river, beach, woodland or lake, a friend’s house that offers escape space with no strings attached, a place you, and only you, know as a gift from the unowned faerie people or Santa Claus. You have to have a place to call your own. Priceless. And essential for well being.

Back to gardening ideals. So. Small still pond to make, wildflower types for bees to consider, apple/damson/plum tree blossom alive with busy bumble bees, shrubs, vegetable seedlings and seeds, soil microbes, dead hedges, compost bins, insect hotels, birds feeders, animals that are hidden, etc. A blue tit has decided to make nest in one of our apple trees. A hole exists in the trunk. I instantly put out a food source in the simplicity of a bird feeder. A pair of robins are flying in and out of the old pigsty with worms in their beaks. I have been digging up soil to provide layers for the Hugelkultur raised bed system. But putting most worms found back into the raised bed to munch on the compostable materials within. The robins hunting down surplus that I haven’t seen.

I have been gardening over the past few days, with my grandson, and been out under the sky. Trying to learn how I can connect to the environment and involve the future generations that is my grandson. And subsequently my grandchildren. However! My grandson is more interested in a metal Land Rover I bought him than the importance of Earth’s future! Boys will be boys. I truly understand. I loved a khaki army truck of similar style. Moving onwards…….Beginning to think about how to grow spiritually within our four slate garden walls and adopt a connection with nature holistically? Can’t compete with a Land Rover, so I did most of it alone whilst we chatted about all kinds of stuff. He now loves The Walrus and the Carpenter poem.

It’s balance found in the presentation of tick tock time. The living in that second by second, minute by minute, days to weeks to months and years. It is being part of the timeless process, contributing thoughtfully and not destroying balance. I love the challenge, but am spooked by my abilities to understand the complexities.

The Den? Vital. Provides a space to sit and review the days. Write in the diary. Think on your ethical pursuits. Read Zen ideals, Gardening books, seed packets, garden glove buying, the right bought inclusions for an ongoing project, write the reflective and planning journal, etc. Basically spend time to build the aims slowly and hope to go back into the garden the next day with a bit more learnt, under your belt and a determined attitude.

As the philosophy states, ‘Give back more than you take out’.

Here’s a bunch of collective photographs below from ‘The Den’ that provide how a blogger sits and writes in surroundings to feel at one with the WordPress world. Repeat of above photos. Music you can’t see. It’s ‘Bliss. The Journey’ by Andrew Blissett which is gently playing. And the feeling is synergy. And finally? Red wine! It has been relaxing to sit and add it to the equation. It is half past twelve after midnight and that means it’s time to take myself to sleep-ville. Thank you. Especially if you got to this bit here. If you didn’t, thank you anyway! You won’t know, but the cosmos will.

Please tap on the individual photographs below to enlarge. Many thanks.

7 thoughts on “Give back more than you take out.”

    1. Thank you Brenda. Great big bit of really heavy slate moved yesterday to put under one of those lean to mini ‘greenhouse’ things. Like an upright large cold frame. Lots of seedlings, trays and compost all sorted. Got a second compost bin level and got the shed tidier. You couldn’t get in. Today has been a lazy one though. Bit of a break really. Yesterday was sunny but today raining. So nice to simply relax. Read a bit of Huw Richards (gardener) advice. I wanted to be all Tom Good with this little comment back. 😊 Waiting for a Barbara type response of ‘There’s a hundred things to do Tom and they won’t get started if you keep rabbiting on!’ 😆 All the best.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Are you waiting on the Barbara-like comment from me or your wife? Lol
        It certainly does sound as though you’ve been very industrious. I believe it was nice here yesterday – we were forecast to hit 20/21°c, but dull and occasional showers today and 13. But I think I slept most of yesterday … woke up with excruciating sinus pain, but its eased off a lot now, so should be fine for the classroom tomorrow

        I do envy you your garden 😍 I make do with my house plants

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      2. Barbara’s was a voice in my head. 😊 It’s the first episode where she says that type of thing where they’re making the actual decision to self sufficiency. Sinus aches were really problematic for myself way back. I gave up drinking milk. Seemed to work. Also, an electric driven diffuser works well with appropriate essential oil inherent. Indoor plants are great. My daughter has a house full of house plants and a little tiny garden. She works selling house plants too. They are as valuable an item as a garden really. She loves what they bring to her life. My garden is very far from the one I would like to see a year down the road. But it’s getting there. The apple and damson blossom is amazing! I’m blessed to have a garden like this one. Cheers Brenda.

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      3. You have to put in the effort, but it will be worth it. Enjoy the blossom while it’s still there.

        I’m trying to write a part of a story to post before bed. Think I need a cuppa

        Liked by 1 person

      4. You are spot on. Got to keep motivated. Began in August 2021 with it being a jungle, so I have to keep reminding myself what was. The apples are always a nice end outcome. Would love to press some this year. Good to hear you are still inspired and look forward to the read. Just scrolling down the left side of the app screen to remember what tea it was you…….Punjana! ……liked. 😊 I can multi task! Never actually drank that before. Have a nice evening. All the best.


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