Fluffy and Pretty.

A Bird in the Hand? Or….Fishing for compliments?

Life is Fluffy.

Or Pretty


A perfect idea

Becomes a captured bird

In the hand.

Or a strange kerfuffle

Flying around and around

Like a cartoon

Circling, tweeting

Bird band.

Two Looney Tunes.

Twit and Twitter

(Their names)

Flutter and Flitter

(Not their names).

Around the brain.

Searching for appropriate words.

Only two

Will do.

To rhyme with bush.

No rush.

Once written?

‘Shush! Stop!’


Hush drops,


Get Smitten.



They fit in.

They’re sublime.


Get them on line.’

Fishing for compliments?


Not one’s intent.

Don’t like

Or enjoy seeing people


To reply.

To invent.

It’s nicer seeing people

In front of your eyes.

With an act of yelling

‘Surprise! Surprised?’

‘Well yes!

It’s great to see you’.

Is the spoken word.

‘I’ve been so lonely’

The thought unheard.

Online Replies?


They’re just disguise.

Real reality of life?

Is where people cry.


Don’t Juggle or

Struggle for words.

That’s absurd.

‘Oh! What to say?’

You say.


No, that’s just rude?’

Time ill-spent

Doesn’t return.

It’s a waste of life.

Simpler to learn

That sometimes

It requires no thought.

No strife.

Because niceness

Can’t be bought.

Just a thought.

At least

Push the heart.

With a simple


That way?

No harm

Takes part.

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