Billie Bud Renovation Process: Un-Familiar Face is Returning.


The thing about VeeDub buses is their character. And the main part of that character for me, lies in this full front aspect. It’s the bit that brings smiles to the faces of the people who see them. You get so many different individual looking buses by the way they present themselves all over. Inside, outside, front to back, side to side, up top and down bottom. People finish them with so much individuality that no two look the same. And that extends when you think of types. T2 Splittie, Bay, T25, T4 and 5’s. But, the mainstay is that face. The simplicity of iconic design.


Whether it has a spare wheel or bull bars on the front or not can change the appearance though. Or if it has one of those ‘bra’s’. Or windscreen mesh canopy, eyelashes, extra fog lights or a couple or more transfer stickers. Me? I love the simple clean outside original look and let the inside do the ‘this is the individual ‘Me, Sputnik Billie Bud’, look’. Extras for outside? Not for me. Maybe a roof rack looks really cool with old trunks and rusty petrol cans up top. But with the miles per gallon petrol considerations, I reckon the cleaner the better. Wind resistance and all that. Also, the  spare wheel up on the front?

When I bought Sputty Billie it did have this spare wheel up front arrangement. But, in the unfortunate possibility of a front smash impact crash? Dangerous. The wheel sticks out further than the bumper and the bumper has a purpose. It collapses and you avoid the whole of the front buckling. If the wheel is the first to hit something? It pushes the whole front panel inwards. So, simplicity in all it’s glory for me.

So, we’re getting there. Billie is coming along nicely. Inside considerations at present too. Need some curtains, throws, sleeping essentials, cushions, my metal merchant seaman box filled with simple survival essentials and a jute mat to gather dirt, snow and sand that can be smacked off with a carpet beater. A few books, a cassette player, gentle lighting, a foldaway table and chairs. Oh! And a survival toolkit.

Then, we’ll be “Off (on the) Road to Everywhere”.

That should keep Sputnik Billie smiling.

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