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Monotype. Alongside Calligraphy/Letter Faces/Text Forms.

Monotype printed image from ? 15 years ago
by Gray Summers.

The trouble with Aphantasia is that no visual memory exists in how achievements were made. When closing the eyes, all that exists is a dark canvas. No colour, no images. I whacked the back of my head badly as I fell off a swing and onto a concrete floor when a young child. One massive ‘thunk’. Subsequent concussion evolved. I believe this to be the cause of the Aphantasia. And so past visual memory in all life’s events is a non starter. Nothing to bring back imagery wise to hang your hat on.

I now know how the image process of monotype printing works and the equipment needed to put this together because YouTube (this morning) has shown instructions on the art of this form of printing. I’ve been thinking how to broaden the fascination I seem to have revisited recently, with the use of individualistic script/letters/text alongside drawn/printed imagery. Be nice to add this monotype concept as an art form to some ongoing self lettering creations. The actual image from above is a simple doodle exercise I made 15 plus years ago which I now realise can be included alongside some text/script. Possibly offbeat and quirky, yet considered carefully and treated with respect. Also. My own lyrics or thoughts to add to it being a Summers synergy. Holistic.

A lyric from one of my songs. It became the phrase concept and philosophy for this blog site.
Script all a-jumbly at top of page to add to future imagery. Script currently naive and with much improvement and experimentation with the use of fude dip nibs, italic nibs and Rotring Graphos draftsmanship nibs needed.

So to expand. Inspiration happened when, last night, a lightbulb moment went ‘ping’. I remembered doing this single monotype printing above (under the blog title) from way back when. Again, having no idea where this one off image was in the house I hunted for an hour. It becomes the norm to hunt for an hour with something I placed in a spot 24 hours prior! So I didn’t hold out much hope to actually finding it after 15 years! For all I knew it could be in one of the few dozen boxes in the loft in a book somewhere. Having de-cluttered the house, I believed it was not in the plethora of finds. However….It had actually stared me in the face over the last few days. I have an aromatherapy A4 ring binder file with self made synergy mixes typed and written down. On the front is a plastic sleeve which allows an image or written/typed words to go behind it. To give identification as to what lay within. Here, behind the plastic, was my little one off monotype image. I had placed it within the line of aromatherapy books in the ‘library under the stairs’.

Funnily enough. During de-clutter I had looked through an old notebook which had an odd little doodle I made inside. I glanced at it quickly and moved on. This bird type image below (amongst notes from a meeting) was prior to having had the monotype print lightbulb memory. Strange how the brain works. Similarity of the doodle and the print is possibly what triggered ongoing monotype thoughts.

And so. I hope the study of lettering and finding inspiration from the works of Hans-Joachim Burgert, Arthur Baker, Edward Johnston, etc. will be a new angle to the experimental lettering sought by my own hand. To written on top of a self printed monotype; to be written by using a piece of wood/dip pen holder/dowel/scraper/etc. within the paint; or…in juxtaposition with the new monotypes produced. The equipment needed to produce new monotype prints is a simple one. Just need to get a few soft rollers, some good appropriate paint and a piece of decent sized Perspex. And a bit of inspiration for considered imagery.

Open magazine: Calligraphy REVIEW. Fall 1990 Focus: Germany

Also, it’s been recently considered to think about getting inspired from the subject of organically based images. Thought about using the imagery regarding various elements of human anatomy/physiology. These from illustrations within some old, late 1800’s Quain’s Anatomy books and a mid 1900’s Le Gris Clark’s book ‘The Tissues of the Body’. I have some other fine old anatomy books too. May as well get inspired from what lay naturally within. Kind of a nod to my old nurse days.

Seeking? A different angle to it all.

And so the story goes. To where? No one knows. Borne from? Self promises. Not worn out wishes.