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Diary and Journal reflecting.

A while back I fountain pen wrote this reflection, below, down in a journal. Thought I’d type it and post it today. A memory from last 2021 year in ‘end of September’ time. It’s just an example of recording memories. Also. The importance of writing down? For motivation? Yes. I believe so. Aims are reflected on. A presentation of the day is there for keeps. So…..
“Went outside to seek doing some repoint/fixing cementing on patio wall, slabs, around back metal/polycarbonate roof rain channel gutter, slate slab in front of the front door. And then inhale deeply and take in some garden focus. But….it’s raining! Miserably. The kind that envelops you in damp and uncomfortable. Thing is. If it was kneeling down doing weeding, or planting, etc. Fine. But the required jobs at the moment need dryness. 
Wanted to be all Amish inspired today after Pinterest emails came up with some good looking females and good looking males rocking a certain straw hatted, dungaree wearing, rusticated and beautiful gardening look. Photographed to inspire getting out there and pretend to do outdoor activities DIY wise. Definitely, not probably, all of them are models in pose mode. Holding vegetables, flowers and wheelbarrows and other tools of an ancient vintage nature. Posing in an admirable fun loaded and eco healthy life is worth living manner. Inspired? I suppose I am.
I like pose mode. Get dressed in certain clothes and it provides motivation and impetus to your intentions for the day. Motivation is required in any form that presents itself to you. Writing aims down, being inspired by a visual image or getting appropriately chosen clothes dressed and ready for action. Even if only the birds are witness to my charity shop bought splendid attire. 
So, hunted down my Oxfam straw hat! And action……But…..the weather! 🥺 Rain stops play! 
Did clear and empty a ton of next doors pine needles that had virtually filled the whole length of rain gutter in between the two back room roofs. Don’t want my paint efforts getting compromised do I? And…..I did silicone a deep gap in the threshold of the back door because the rain was finding it’s way in and introducing itself without an invitation. 
So…….now I’m bored and sat writing. I also photographed my Marks and Spencer straw hat, bought in Worcester Oxfam for a fiver. Bit posh! Bit newish too. It needs to live a little more and find it’s future character by looking weather worn. A few splits here and there. Mind you. I also love to see that the gloves have earned their keep. Photographed them too. Only cost a tenner about 8 years ago.
Sound like Tom Good………..old school you see. A 1950s child will always have a 1950s way of seeing the World of Word use. 
Come on sunshine……..give us a much needed smile!”